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Digital Footprint Presentation

No description

Drake Rivas

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Digital Footprint Presentation

How Your Active Digital Footprint Is Seen
Active digital footprints can be also be stored in many ways depending on the situation. In an online environment, a footprint can be stored by a user being logged into a site when making a post or edit, with the registered name being connected to the edit. In an off line environment a footprint may be stored in files, when the owner of the computer uses a keylogger, so logs can show the actions performed on the machine, and who performed them.
What is Digital Footprint? And Its Two Forms
Digital footprint refers to the traces of data that are left behind by users on digital services. [1] There are two main classifications for digital footprints: passive and active. A passive digital footprint is created when data is collected about an action without any client activation, whereas active digital footprints are created when personal data is released deliberately by a user for the purpose of sharing information about oneself.
Your Personal Digital Footprint And How It Impacts You
Your Active footprint is easier seen so I will speak more of that one.People learn about who you are from listening to the things you say and the way you say them. They learn about who you are by watching what you do, how you behave, and how you treat other people. This is your online reputation and it can be seen with your Active digital footprint.
The Privacy Issues Of The Digital Footprint
Digital footprints are not a digital identity or passport, but the content and meta data collected impacts upon internet privacy, trust, security, digital reputation, and recommendation. As the digital world expands and integrates with more aspects of life, ownership and rights of data becomes important. Digital footprints are controversial in that privacy and openness are in competition.
How We Can Resolve This Issue
I feel like the solution to solving this issue is not making our digital footprints invisible but rather make them viewable by storing positive data on them and that is with
Digital Footprint Presentation
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