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on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

18-2 : history and culture
Nicole McCollum, Julia Chalmers, Kevin DeClaire, Jacob Peddy

Early History
Most people in southern southern Africa are christian.

Many other people in south Africa practice other traditional religions. Some of these people believe that ancestors and spirits of the dead have divine powers.

In Zimbabwe,traditional beliefs and Christianity have been combined.

celebrations and art
Southern Africans celebrate many holidays.

On Heritage Day, South Africans celebnrate their country's diverse population. Most countries celebrate their countries independence. Many Christian holidays such as Christmas Day are celebrated.

Southern Africa's art reflects its many cultures. South African artist make traditional ethnic designs for items such as clothing, lamps, linens, and other products. Artists in Lesotho are famous for their woven tapestries of daily life.

African languages spoken in spoken in south Africa

Southern Africa speak one of the more than 200 bantu laguages.
Khoisan people
Khoisan peoples lived in southern Africa.

Divided into ethnic groups, the Khoisan were hunter gatherers and herders.

The Shona
The Shona built an empire that reached it's height in the 1400's.
The Shona farmed,raised cattle,and traded gold with other groups on the coast.
Bantu farmers migrated from west Africa to central Africa as early as 2000 years ago

Europeans arrived in Africa on the southern coast and forever changed the landscape and the life of the people in the region.

Trade made Great Zimbabwe's rulers wealthy and powerful.
People of southern Africa belong to hundreds of
different ethnic groups. Such as....

Other ethnic groups are small and usually not native. Such as....
German descent

Europeans arrived in Southern Africa and forever changed the landscape and ways of life of people in the region.
The Dutch Other Europeans arrived in Southern Africa after the portuguese.

Europeans in Southern Africa
In 1652 the Dutch set up a trade station at natural harbor near the Cape of Good Hope which is at the tip of africa.
Archaeologists have found Chinese porcelain and other artifacts suggest that the Shona traded widely.
The Cape of Good Hope
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