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Precursors to the Constitution

Week #2

Richard DeVries

on 12 January 2012

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Transcript of Precursors to the Constitution

Precursors to the Constitution &
The Emerging of a New Nation
Magna Carta
Mayflower Compact
Bloody Tenets of Persecution
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
Primary Source Documents
-1215- Runnymede
English Barons vs. the King
Clergy vs. the King
Long Train of Abuses
Outlandish Royal Expenses
King John I is Forced to Sign
1623 -William Bradford
Plymouth, MA
Written on ship
Avoid a Mutiny
Didn't land in VA
Temporary Civil Body
1644 - Roger Williams
Written in London
Faith Can not be forced
Split with the Puritans
Started Rhode Island
1639 - Thomas Hooker
Hartford Connecticut
Could Elect Governor
General Court
Generally considered the first written constitution
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