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Gray Wolves

No description

Nolan Gaffney

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Gray Wolves

Some people think that wolves howling at the moon is just a myth. Other people think they howl at spirits that come out only during a full moon. There is no scientific explanation for why wolves howl. Some scientists believe it may be from separation of the pack
Wolves are fast and can catch prey easily.
They trot at 5 miles per hour.
They can run up to 35 miles per hour for short distances.
Wolves will travel about 30 miles per day in search of food.
By Nolan and Gordie
The average weight of a gray wolf is 100-110 pounds.
The average length of a wolf is 5-6 feet.
Wolves are carnivores and eat large hooved animals.They can some times be scavengers.
This an example of a wolf's prey
Thanks for watching.
That was the legendary sheep wolf.
He says bye☺
Wolves have 42 teeth.
Their jaw can crush large bones with just a few bites.
Normally there are less than 10 wolves in a pack.
30 wolves have been recorded, but this is very rare though.
This is an example of a wolf's food chain.
This is where wolves live they live in Northern United States, in Canada and, Asia
Wolf hunting tactics.
The wolves track animals by sent. Their sense of smell is really good. They can track an animal from 4.5 miles away.
Wolves are extreme territorial. The mark there territory each time they find a hunting ground. If another wolf comes by, they wont welcome him as a guest.
Wolves come in all different colors. These are the colors
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