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Science Chemistry Portfolio!

No description

Athmega Kumaralingam

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Science Chemistry Portfolio!

Mrs. Gibeau
16/04/2013 Sucrose! Sugar sUCROSE!!!! When we say "sugar" everyone will say "yum"!
Mostly because of sugar being sweet or being addicted to it.
The sugar that we eat and use in our daily lives comes from sugarcane plants or sugar beets.
Sugar is used to bring the sweetness into our food and mostly in little things such as candy and chocolates.
Or maybe in other things as well! The biggest issue is sugar being addictive to many. There are many negative outcomes of consuming large amounts of sugar in your daily life.
Sugar addiction is brought into your life when large amounts of sugar enter your body in a short period of time.
There are many solutions towards the addiction to sugar! Issue + Solutions The impact of sugar on society is very large and very important to many around the world today. Sugar is very important to many in either a good way or bad way. Sugar is very addictive to many, because sugar is added in almost everything you eat. In today’s generation especially little kids who love sugar are getting addicted. There were many situations in life where people who are addicted to sugar find the need of adding more and more sugar even if there were plenty of sugar already added to what they were eating. Consuming a lot of sugar can be really bad and in fact become a very serious issue and become dangerous to your health; although not a lot people notice that. Impact on Society When sugar is over consumed it can lead to unhealthy situations such as hypertension, high blood pressure, weight gain, tooth decay, and gum disease.
Tooth decay is caused when you over consume sugar, and sugar will cause your blood to thicken, which will make the blood flow very little into the capillaries that give the nutrients to your teeth and gum. (Belleme 2011)
Sleeping constantly and short term memory will be caused through over consuming sucrose as well. (Belleme 2011)
Sometimes sugar can also cause bacteria on your teeth which may lead to cavities.
Cavities are caused by sugar when you do not brush your teeth properly enough to make the sugar on your teeth go away.
When sugar is over consumed it is to be understood that it is not a very nutrition substance to eat a lot as well...! Over Consumed ! Many Like.... In order to solve this addictions towards sugar, eating flour, bread, alcohol, and caffeine needs to STOP! A few of the important ones that mainly should be ignored would be dairy foods, fried, fatty foods, fast foods, prepared meat, and saturated fat. Food that you will be able to eat!........ Food that will help you from not being a sugar addict would be eating fresh vegetables, small amount of grains, and small amount of rice no bigger than the palm of your hand. Eating smaller meals and eating frequently will also give you a plus point which is bringing your blood sugar into a normal level. How does Sucrose specifically impact human health when under and over consumed? Less Consumed! Taking less sugar will help prevent health problems and risks such as obesity, high blood pressure, and increased blood sugar that over consuming sugar will bring.
Sugar will be a great help for those who have low sugar level, and eating sugar will help bring you to a normal sugar level which is a good thing. Thank You
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