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Hello Kitty

This is a video of pictures of hello kitty with little stories and lots of flair added to make hello kitty more popular than practically anything you can imagine!

Destiny Owen

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Hello Kitty

Hello kitty Hello kitty was walking down the street and she saw something that caught her eye... a boy. But this was not any average guy. No this was a perfect guy with the best complection practically in the world. As they both walked by eachother hello kitty let out a little wink! The colorful quads Each Hello Kitty was born with a special and unique power except for the fact that they are all different colors. The pink one had the ability to read peoples minds which really came in handy with practically anything. The orange kitty had the superstrangth. The green kitty had the special power to run super fast and the blue kitty had the power to go invisable whenever she felt she needed or wanted to! Hello kitty sucking her thumb!!! is this just a shocker or a normal thing??? Extra...Extra
This just in hello kitty was caught sucking her thumb... innocent play or habit? Our little kitty has become way more little then we think or is it just made to look like this a regular thing??? But we want to know straight from you... Is it cute or just a little to much? Skipping then tripping??? Hello kitty loves to skip no
matter what she is doing but this one time she was skipping down a side walk not paying attention then out of no where a rock suddenly was thrown in her direction and it fell right were hello kitty was about to take her next step and then the next thing you know she is on the ground looking all over confused and hurt but then just starts laughing... Our brave little kitty! Hello kitty was caught at a club and had this to say Our little kitten was taking the night off on a friday night and saw the press and just had to take a few "fun," photos and she gives us a shout out by bringing the old peace sign some style and flair! Hello kitty wishes you...
Hello kitty wants to wish you a happy saints patricks day and hopes that you enjoyed this presentation! Check out the biography on hello kitty next! Hello kitty:About me So as you may know already that my name is hello kitty and i love partying on friday nights, taking pictures just for fun, skipping and giving the not to old, still in style PEACE SIGN!
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