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Ethics program for PIA

Business Ethics bba 5d

Pershant sharma

on 1 December 2012

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Transcript of Ethics program for PIA

Submitted by: Pershant Sharma Ethical program for PIA Introduction to PIA Code of Ethics for PIA Ethics training program Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) was formed in 1955.
It is the flag carrier airline of Pakistan, based in Karachi.
It is the16th largest airline in Asia, operating scheduled services to 73destinations as well as an extensive domestic network linking 24 destinations.
The airline is owned by the Government of Pakistan (87%) and other shareholders (13%).
The airline is under the administration of Ministry of Defence.
The airline is managed by managing director as well as the Board of Directors.
The Board consists of nine independent non-executive members and has four sub-committees: an Audit Committee, Brand and Advertising Committee, Finance Committee, and Human Resource Committee each having its own charter and chairman.
Responsibility of Board and senior management.
Few points of code developed
Act ethically, diligently, openly, honestly
Act in the best interests of company
Prohibit any form of unethical activity
Prohibit any for of unethical interference by Government
Abide by pre-developed Company’s Insider Trading Rules
Be aware of company's ethical environment and norms
Be resistant to any sort of payment received
Keep away activities leading to personal interest or benefit
Use the company's asset for company's works only
Honestly abiding by the PIA's policy and legal system
Contribute to development of Ethics program and code of conduct and also be a whistle blower at times.
Value statement of PIA “The Pakistan international airlines will consistently deliver a safe, value-based and enjoyable travel experience to all our guests
PIA’s vision is to be a world class profitable airline meeting customer expectations through excellent services, on-time performance, innovative products and absolute safety Objective of Ethics program Constantly changing Ethical environment.
Ethical guide
Failed structure of PIA Analysis of business and major areas of ethical/moral issues The ethical problems faced by PIA.
Poor quality service
Standard of Ethical compliance Basic standard set to ensure compliance with code of conduct.
Rewarding/penalizing policy. Use of Ethics training
Development of Ethics training program
Steps to be taken System of monitoring, auditing and updating ethical program Monitoring of Ethical program, steps and procedures to be followed.
Updating of Ethical program and its process and use.
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