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Pearl Divers

No description

Kelsey Sutton

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Pearl Divers

Pearl Culturing is The nucleus bead in a beaded cultured pearl is generally a polished sphere made from freshwater mussel shell. Along with a small piece of mantle tissue from another mollusk (donor shell) to serve as a catalyst for the pearl sac, it is surgically implanted into the gonad (reproductive organ) of a saltwater mollusk.

What is the history of pearl diving in the Pacific?
In the 20th century the only way to get pearls were manually. More than a ton were searched in order to find at least 3-4 quality pearls

How is the quality of a pearl judged?
What kinds of people were pearl divers?
The majority of people that were pearl divers are Caucasian, Chinese, and Indian.
How do pearl divers adapt their bodies to the ocean?
The pearl divers would grease their bodies to maintain heat, use a nose plug, place greased cotton balls in their ears, use rocks or some heavy objects to make them go deeper and faster, and they would carry something to put the oysters in.

What Dangers do Pearl Divers Face?
Divers face dangers like drowning, because of the deep water, blackout, eye damage, hypothermia, and decompression sickness or a condition due to water nitrogen inhalation.
Pearl Divers
What kind of life did pearl divers live?
Pearl divers are in the water most of the day looking for pearls. They get to spend a lot of time out in the sea on a boat.

What are the bends?

A Sickness or Caisson disease occurs in scuba divers or high altitude or aerospace events when dissolved gases contain nitrogen.
They can affect about any body part including lung, joints, heart, skin and brain

You can judge it by the quality of the pearls thickness, luster, size, shape, and its color.
What is pearl culturing?
Pearl diving has been around since ancient times and pearls have been praised and valued by many cultures. Egyptians were buried with pearls, Rome considered pearls a symbol of wealth and during the Renaissance, only royalty were allowed to wear pearls.
Rome considered pearls a symbol of wealth and during the Renaissance, only royalty were allowed to wear pearls
The pearl, a precious gem, formed among the tissue inside an oysters shell.
Because of the difficulty of diving and the unpredictable nature of natural pearl growth in pearl oysters, pearls of the time were extremely rare and of varying quality
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