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Atlantic Seal Hunt


Scott Slater

on 29 December 2011

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Transcript of Atlantic Seal Hunt

Atlantic Seal Hunt 1. Read About the Atlantic Seal Hunt While reading, think about arguments for and against the seal hunt highlighting Arguments:
For: In Favor, In Support of, Hunting Seals
Against: Opposed to, Not in Favor of Hunting Seals 2. Record arguments For and Against 3. Decide: Look at your chart of arguments for and against the seal hunt.
Decide which are more convincing? 4. Choose:
Choose the THREE most important arguments that support your opinion. Highlight them in YELLOW
Choose one convincing argument that opposes your opinion that you think you can argue against 5. Plan:
Plan out the order you will state your main points
Include the transitions you will use to move to your next main point.
Include the supporting detail you will use to explain the main point.. 6. Review: Check out the grading criteria before you write
to ensure you write the best paragraph you can. 7. Write: Write your paragraph. This will be your good copy and will not be peer edited so do your best Use a lined piece of paper and don’t forget to double space.
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