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EDL 318M: Week 5, Class 10

No description

Chloe Bolyard

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of EDL 318M: Week 5, Class 10

EDL 318M: Week 5, Class 10
Critical Cultural Competence

Toward Safer Schools through Building Teachers' Critical Cultural Competence
Looking Ahead
3/2-3/6: Field Experience Week 1 (No class)

Tuesday, 3/10
Critical Cultural Competence Paper (Field Assignment 1 for EDL 318) due to Niihka by 10AM
Combined class in MCG 121 at 10:00 (I will be gone)

Thursday, 3/12
Dr. Brittany Aronson will be teaching on the collaboration between special education and general education teachers

Grasping the Effects of Poverty on Teaching and Learning
By: Laura, Nicki G., Emma, Brooke
Professional Norms
Be respectful
Open to others’ viewpoints. Disagree respectfully. Respect whoever is speaking. Listen without interrupting. Pack up when it is time to leave—not before.
Be present
Use cell phones for emergencies only. Participate in group activities. Engage in discussion.
Be prepared
Come on time having completed the readings and assignments.
Be helpful
Help out a classmate if s/he misses class
With each other, with the teacher, with the class
Guiding Questions
Group Presentations
Safe Schools for...
Students of different SES
Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders
English Language Learners
Looking Ahead
Guiding Questions
How does Socioeconomic Status (SES) affect the education of students? How can teachers work to advocate for ALL students?

How can we as teachers make schools safe for Asian American and Pacific Islander students?

How can teachers support students whose native language is not English?

Getting Real about the Model Minority
By: Nicki C., Kate, Danielle, Rachel
Preserving the Cultural Identity of the English Language Learner
By: Amanda, Lizzy, Lindsay, Bethany
Critical Cultural Competence Paper
See page 4 of the syllabus:
3-4 page essay
APA format (Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1-inch margins)
You should cite the readings covered during the CCC unit of our class
. This is how you prove to me that you are engaging the readings.
Turn in to Niihka by 10AM on 3/10.
What aspects of Critical Cultural Competency have you noticed in your field placement?

Turn and Talk with a person sitting near you.
What does it mean to be a "culturally competent teacher"? How can you prepare to meet the criteria you listed?
What might your classroom look like when you include your students' cultures and place them at the center of learning?
You will teach a wide variety of content in your future classroom. Where do you see culturally relevant concepts fitting the best? Why?
How do you plan to include the voices of those who are not commonly heard in typical K-12 standards-based curriculum?
In the final section, reflect on your honest opinions about culturally relevant teaching as you have observed this past week in the field. What possibilities exist? What obstacles do you foresee?
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