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Australian Entertainment Industry - 1950's

No description

Alexandra Constantinou

on 14 March 2016

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Transcript of Australian Entertainment Industry - 1950's

Q1: When did television come to Australia?
Q2: what happened to the forms of entertainment before television, when it arrived in Australia?
Q3: What country or countries were the most influential on Australia’s entertainment industry?
Q4: What was one of the most popular one time shows to watch on television, soon after it came to Australia?
Q5: What did the Australian Government do to decrease the amount of American made, Holly-wood style shows and movies?
Year 10 History - Alexandra Constantinou
The Entertainment Industry in Australia, 1950's
What was the entertainment industry like during the 1950’s in Australia?
What genres of film and other entertainment were popular in Australia during the 1950’s? Why?
How did the entertainment industry change when television was introduced to Australia in the 1950’s?
Radio was adaptable in the changing world
Enabled American music to be easily distributed
Cinemas and theatres in the 50's improved after television, to encourage an audience back
After three years television was placed the most popular source of entertainment
How people spent their free time had totally transformed
American pop culture was easily accessed
Began talking and dressing like Americans
Television put Australia on the map
“bridge the nation's geographical isolation”
(Red Apple Education, n.d.)
Australian stories were shown around the globe
How did the Australian entertainment industry change Australia over time?
Who were the most influential countries to impact the film and entertainment industry in 1950s, Australia? How did they change the industry to make it better?
Entertainment industry shaped Australian's lives during the 1950’s
Popular culture elements from other countries influenced our own
Helped to shape our nation today
The 1950’s was a time of revolutionising ideas and changes
'Good evening and welcome to television.'
Quiz at the end so make sure to listen ;)
There will be prizes.
Picture theatres (cinema or the movies)
Seeing a flick (a movie) at the theatres was a very popular activity for all people
Drive in theatres established in 1954, in Melbourne
Arrival of television in 1956
Theatres closed down
Television became the most popular pastime
Entertainment at home
Easy access to American pop culture
The film industry was struggling by this point
Liberal Prime Minister John Gorton
Opening of the National Film and Television Training School and the Film Development Corporation
Many Australian directors and actors have been successful
Radios, heaving, big, bulky and immobile. became smaller and mobile to counteract television
Australian television were radio shows
Bob Dyer’s pick-a-box
1950’s, broadcasters on television began transferring American and British programs
Australian television programs constricted to news, current affairs, and a variety of chat shows.
First television licences received in Sydney and Melbourne, tested in 1956
Television became more popular than radios
All stations broadcasted Melbourne Olympic Games
Most popular
New stations- serial dramas, music and sports.
American content was popular
1950's, every suburb had a picture theatre/ drive in theatre
Television popularisation
Cinema attendance rates dropped
Popular entertainment, lifestyle and behaviour changed
Advertise television in shop windows
Attract small crowd of people, watch from the footpath
Antenna on the roof, status symbol
Rather watch the ‘box’, than talking to the family
Popular activity in almost every body’s lives.

America and Great Britian
United States became Australia’s most depended upon country
American soldiers placed in Australia
This first began the popularisation
Many soldiers brought American-style music and food
America had the most influence after the war
Progresses in communication technologies between countries, became easy to receive American films and entertainment
Australian film industry was small but successful before the war
After, it struggled amongst as American Hollywood-produced films
Difficult for Aussie movies to make it on the big screen
18% British and 75% American
Disney movies
Lack of Australian content
Fearful that national identity was at risk
1960’s the Australian government enforced a local content share to prevent American pop culture from taking over
Entertainment industry of Australia has had a big impact on our nation’s popular culture
Took certain elements and shaped it to make our own pop culture
Shaped Australia’s identity

Thank you all for listening to my seminar on the Australian entertainment industry in the 1950’s.
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