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leeeeeeeeeeeeeena project

No description

leena tu

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of leeeeeeeeeeeeeena project

Generation Z
In what markets to Generation Z represent an important opportunity for marketers?
How will marketing to Gen Z be different to marketing to previous generations?
Generation of globalization
Social circles are global
Four trends that are likely to characterise Generation Z
1.A focus on Innovation
2.An insistence on convenience
3.An expression of personality, and
4.An attention to emotion
"Digital Natives"
Economy, politics, culture, movies, music, fashion, food are global as never before.
What will be the key challenges in marketing to Gen Z?
Increasing need and expectation
Fierce competition taken by substitutes
Lack of Engagement
Because of an influx of marketing messages and communication in today's fast paced modern world, Gen Z has a lack of engagement and a low attention span
They tend to reject marketing messages projected towards them
Marketing needs to be more personalised and more engaging towards young people so they feel more involved in the process

The demands and expectations of Gen Z have grown so they need to be targeted in more visually stimulating and innovative ways
Use of technology and digital media to appeal to young people
Marketing should be tailored to a more personalised approach to meet their needs and wants

Competition is fierce and brand recognition is as important as ever
A need to develop trust and recognition with Gen Z as they have not yet developed brand loyalty
It is important to build brand loyalty and develop a relationship with young people
Communicate messages across in an interactive way to encourage greater participation from young people

Leena Tu 43716113
Jihoon Koh 43619959
Royce Leung 43499422

Key features of Generation Z
1.Social media is the future
2.The skill gap
3 .Human relations is more
important than ever before
4.Global thinking

Admire moral image of the brand
Fast response to new things
Tear the old consumption pattern
Online shopping
Appreciate value for money

Definition of Generation Z
Consumption behavior
With the popularity of the network and growth of information technology, Gen Z's have befitted more important for the businesses. Organisations began to confer importance to Gen Z's as target customers and by their needs. In longer run, Gen Z's will become an important consumer group in the future. There is also a lot of challenge for businesses to adapt to the demand of the market.
Main differences
Internet marketing
Medium of communication
Previous generation has the memory of the life that was before the advent of the digital world
It has become easy to share our emotion through SNS
Internet Marketing
For generation z, marketers prefer to use internet marketing
It seems the marketing strategy for generation z can be summarised as:

Text + Mobile Video + Sharing
-Powerful weapon to attract target group
-exploit the potential consumers
technology motivates young group's consuming disires
-Saving time
-Online shopping
-Generation Z's needs
-Teenagers' personalities
-Generation Z's consumer psychology
-Generation about "ME"
-Generation Z's language
-Emotion between enterprises and consumers
Generation Z prefer shopping online rather than offline
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