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Qualitative Research

No description

Stephanie Comfort

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Qualitative Research

Listening To Others Online:
Social Media Picture Association >>> Wal-Mart v. Home Depot<<<<<
Showed the pictures of the paint display

>>>>Project Association>>>
We demonstrated pictures of simple DIY painting projects and asked our audience if they would rate them to be:
( interested in actually doing the DIY project) Questionnaire Age Groups: Age groups affect paint usage
50+ Our Markets DIY SHOPPERS
Family-Focused Consumers
Routine Maintenance Glidden WalMart Qualitative Research The A-Team: Ari, Stephanie, Travis, Lisa, Iliana vs. WalMart Home Depot When showed images of Walmart's display vs. Home Depot's particpants reacted in a number of ways: Glidden's Paint Display
Walmart vs. Home Depot More Organized
Colors are organized and divided into groups and different shades of each color
Visually appealing
Easy for the mind to process
Looks more professional
Simpler and easy to focus HOME DEPOT Display is cluttered and messy; cannot keep focus
It looks like a painting
The spectrum does not flow
Plus side= it shows what colors go together WalMart Wal Mart's Glidden Display vs. Home Depot's Glidden Display

The layout was completely different
Most people preferred the Glidden display at Home Depot because of how organized, simple and visually appealing it is
People found Wal Mart's display to be busy and cluttered

Home Depot's display looks more professional:

"It looks like they know what they are talking about
because it shows and gives information about Glidden
the display at Wal-Mart is just cluttered and messy it looks like they just jumbled everything together with similar colors side-by-side. It looks like they don't know anything about the brand." - Meghan w. Findings Behr's paint display has a wider selection of colors and looks more appealing
Behr's display is overwhelming
"I can't keep focus, now there are too many colors to choose from"- Brittany W.
Glidden has the XXL paint chips which make it easier to match paint on your wall
Behr has multiple shades of specific color on one paint chip which is too small and cannot imagine what it would look like Glidden's Display vs. Behr Most Responses were either mutual or totally opposite
A lot of the participants seemed to find Behr's display to be visually appealing

Most of the participants thought Glidden's display at Home Depot is simple

Most participants preferred Home Depots display over Wal-Mart FINDINGS College Students- budget constrained and from our results, most likely to consider WalMart as paint retailer.
Uses: murals, paintings, dorm room decor.
Decorative overrides repair. 18-23 Low Prices
Good Color Palette What They Need Young Professionals and Married Couples
Most Living in Apartments, town homes that are restricted from painting interior walls
Promote other painting projects 24-30 Color Cards
Interactive screens showcasing sample rooms
Visual aids to help persuade WHAT THEY NEED Home
Leisure Projects 50+ Quality
This age group was more likely to consider WalMart as their paint retailer
More Financially stable to afford higher-priced retailers
More Experienced WHAT THEY NEED Little trust in assigned employees
Lack of awareness in WalMart's home improvement section
Need for colors Common Responses WalMart Tagline: Save Money, Live Better
WalMart is known for low prices but survey participants were surprised that WalMart sold some paint for less Interesting Findings We need to change the perception of painting across all age groups
Painting is a chore vs. painting for experience
Major life events to paint for: baby's room, college dorm, first time homeowner
We need to change perception of shopping at WalMart for paint. This can be done via word of mouth or through social media How We Can Change The Game People are more likely to buy paint from WalMart in smaller towns
Small towns have fewer retailer competitors than metropolitan cities
Ex: Arkansas (Home of Original WalMart) v. Houston
College towns Geographic Implications A greater part of our audience agreed that this was an EASY DIY project and it was definitely a do-able project for sprucing up some furniture and saving money in not having to buy a new one. Many of these projects can be found on Pinterest and they have easy to follow instructions that make these projects more appealing to the audience. Updating an old piece of furniture.
Easy or Hard? Our audience responded to these as not too easy but not too hard projects. About 60% of our audience said it was a do-able project only if they wanted a huge change to their walls, the other 40% said it was a nice idea but not a do able project (or appealing/necessary to them DIY Wall Painting project. Easy or Hard? Overall, we think our audience responded better to small DIY paint projects over DIY wall painting projects because it presented the audience with an easier and quick way to save and refurbish old pieces of furniture. The DIY wall painting projects present more of a commitment to drastically changing an entire wall that could affect the mood and tone of a room in our audience home. FINDINGS: Our Methods •Picture Association
•Listening to Others Online: Social Media WHERE? WHAT? •Facebook
•Pinterest • BrandInteraction w/Customers
• BrandInteraction w/professionals •We looked for brand interaction w/customers on their Facebook page
•We looked at reactions based on paint projects and customer service Facebook: Pinterest: •We looked at the brand's online Pinterest presence Twitter: •Again, we looked at brand interaction w/customers The online presence of the brand is empathetic, professional and educational

Customers of Glidden range from being overjoyed with the product to angry about both the product and service

There is heavy WalMart/Glidden cross promotion across all three online platforms Findings: •Glidden is a brand that is invested in the outer community. This is evident in cases such as the "Colorful Classrooms" project and various other community projects
•Through partnering with community and influential "mommy" blogger's such as Shelley Smith (http://www.thehouseofsmiths.com/) , Glidden can reach its audience and persuade them to purchase product at Wal-Mart. WHAT THIS TEACHES US:
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