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How does culture and society influence language?

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Veronica Kahiga

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of How does culture and society influence language?

How does culture influence language?
By: Veronica Kahiga

culture-language relationship

Language as a cultural tool
Cultural meanings are expressed in language.
language is a cultural creation.
It is used in old and newly created cultural institutions.
Language builds cultural societies.
Language is an indispensable tool; creates thought processes
Language; imaginative and flexible
Culture and language depend on each other.
However, cultural messages can be acquired in other ways

Culture influences language and disseminate cultural messages.
Language and culture have a symbiotic relationship; functions by depending on each other.
Language has created identities within communities.
Population migrations: language makes adaption easier.
Role of culture in language use and learning
Language builds relationships and identities
Culture imitations influence language use
Language is a cultural product
Language 'death' in Aboriginal peoples
Culture influences school learning
Cultural dynamics influence language; foreign students and immigrants and assimilation into other communities.

Cultural values are reflected in language.
Humans rely on socially shared language.
Language expresses thought processes.
Culture dictates which words are used.
Idioms and words vary due to cultural significance and historical relatedness.
language is influenced by cognitive abilities and cultural experiences
Language disseminates cultural messages - past or present.
language is a standard way of speaking or writing symbols.
culture refers to shared beliefs, ideologies, values etc.
Whorf-Sapir linguistic relativity hypothesis
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