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Airborn by Kenneth Oppel Summary

No description

Kevin Wang

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of Airborn by Kenneth Oppel Summary

The final Battle Matt Cruse is a cabin boy aboard his father's airship, the Aurora. One day, he spots a hot air balloon drifting a few hundred meters away. The balloon is damaged and there is not sign of a pilot. Matt is granted permission by the captain to board the hot air balloon. He finds a lifeless body of a man lying in the balloon and he wakes up later rambling on about flying creatures but dies soon after. Prologue One day, Kate de Vries and her chaperone, Miss Majorie Simpkins boards the Aurora as part of a Cruise to Sydney, Australia. When Matt takes Kate on a private tour around the ship, they become friends and start to learn more about each other. Matt find out about Kate's grandfather through a journal she lets him borrow. The journal holds many descriptions and sketches about a race of flying creatures. Matt suddenly realized that the man on the balloon is Kate's grandfather. While sailing to Australia, they will come close to the island where the creatures were found by her grandfather. This was Kate's true purpose of boarding the Aurora. Kate and the creatures Raid on Aurora In the middle of a peaceful night, a group of pirates led by Captain Vikram Szpirglas raids the Aurora and robbing the passengers of their priceless possessions. After retreating back to their own ship, the pirate ship and the Aurora are both swept into a storm. The pirate ship's propellers slice open the Aurora's skin. The substance which keeps the ship aloft is Hydrium and its escaping fast. The crew spots an island and land there safely. The Discovery Matt Cruse and Kate de Vries accidentally stumble into Szpirglas and his crew. The pirates don't recognize them as Matt and Kate act as if they were shipwrecked. They try to escape at night but are caught and thrown into a pit. Now that their identities are blown, the Aurora is in grave danger. Kate blames herself for leading the pirates to the Aurora. If she hadn't searched for the Cloud Cats, the pirates would never know that the Aurora was on the other side of the island. Matt does the "Peace! I will stop your mouth" act and this marks the start of their relationship. They go back and find the Aurora already captured by the pirates. Matt fights Szpirglas and eventually has him fall to his death. Summary Airborn
by Kenneth Oppel The crew of the Aurora work hard to patch up the holes in the Aurora while the others try to make the passengers feel more comfortable and at the same time, convincing them that all will be fine. Within a few glances, Kate realized that this is the exact island where her grandfather discovered the flying creatures. Knowing this might be her only chance, she drags Matt into the forest in search of the animals. After a few hours of trudging through the damp undergrowth, they finally find a skeleton of these huge creatures perching on a tree. They disassemble the skeleton and brings it back to the ship. Kate decides to name these creature, Cloud Cats.
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