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Georgian Bay National Park

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gurpriya saini

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of Georgian Bay National Park

Georgian Bay National Park
The Georgian Bay National Parks are located in the great province of Ontario with more the 59 islands scattered all across Lake Huron. The National Park is about a half and hour north of Barrie. The islands are located all across Georgian Bay's eastern shore line and is known to be located on the edge of the Canadian shield. The Georgian Bay Islands are located in the Mixedwoods Plains Eco zone and borders the Boreal Eco zone. Many families enjoy the beaches such as Wasaga beach located near the Georgian Bay Islands!

Get to know our historic National Park!
The Georgian Bay Islands were established in 1929, with lands that date back to millions of years back. The islands contain historic landscapes with beautiful waters. After observing the vast landscapes, many realized that the largest island in the Georgian Bay National Park; Beausoleil, was home to Aboriginals. From hiking tracks to carvings in rocks, the artifacts found are claimed to to be 7000 years old!
Wild Life
The Islands are known for having a variety of wildlife that cannot be found in other regions of Canada;thus making the island very unique. The Islands are home to 33 species of cold blooded creatures. Including the endangered Massasauga Snake. In the spring time, many birds can be found in along the shore line. If the visitors get lucky, they can sometimes find the Great Blue Heron!
With more than 59 islands, the possibilities are endless!
Just a bit of information.
The Georgian Bay Islands consist of vast and beautiful landscapes which always allow visitors to take part in a variety of fun and relaxing activities. The islands consist of of sheltered coves, rocky points and sand and cobble stone beaches. The islands also include an island that was formed when rounded tops of granite rose from the ground to form new ground.
Did you know?
The Famous Canadian artist group; Group of Seven, being painting the different landscapes found in the Georgian Bay because they were inspired by the beauty of the islands.
The Georgian Bay Islands average annual temperature is 9.1 degrees. The temperature range is 26.3 degrees, which means that the islands have a continental climate. The total precipitation is 833.5mm, which means that the islands once again, have a continental climate. The climate is affected by the different air masses including the Arctic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic. Making it a great place for families and friends to go camping, on vacation or simply to explore the islands.
and Soil
The Georgian Islands are enriched with moisture rich soils from the mixwood forests that allows ferns, mosses and wildflowers to grow. The soils are also very shallow and do not allow the trees that grow on the islands to have very good anchorage. The southern part of the largest island; Beasoleil Island is known to be covered with sandy and sedimentary soil. In the southern parts of the islands, Ash and Maple trees can be found and in the northern parts of the island, Hemlock trees and Spruce trees can be found.
This is an artifact found in the islands
that gave historians proof that First
Nations people did in fact live on
the islands!
This is one of many paintings by the
Group of Seven of the Georgian Bay
This another painting of The
Georgian Bay Islands by the
Group of Seven!
Now for the fun stuff!
Make your visit ten times more comfortable by renting one of our cabins on Cedar Spring or Christian Beach. The cabins come fully equipped with beds, tables, lights, couches, and cooking supplies! Our cabins allow our visitors to feel at home but give a taste of the islands beautiful landscapes. For booking information, contact 1-877-RESERVE (737-3783)
An image of the beautiful landscapes of the Georgian Bay Islands.
A cabin located on Ceder Spring. With a woodsy feel, visitors are bound to get a chance of the full Georgian Bay experience!
Cabin Rentals
Park Activities
There are many activities that the islands have to offer starting from different boating activities; including canoeing and kayaking. The park has many other activities to offer such as bicycling up the islands beautiful trails, swimming along the beaches on the eastern shore line and embarking on the parks very own historical treasure hunt; Geocaching! Catch up on a good read or bath your skin in the warm sun while enjoying the beautiful views of the Georgian Bay Islands!The possibilities are endless.
Just one of our happy visitors enjoying the view of the park while, getting ready to cruise the waters!
The Georgian Bay trail!
So, will you be
joining us at
the beautiful Georgian Bay Islands? Hope to see you, you're family and friends soon!
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