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The Graduation Coach Campaign

No description

Caroline La Rochelle

on 30 October 2015

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Transcript of The Graduation Coach Campaign

What is the Graduation Coach Campaign?
How does the GCC promote education?
Because we serve many populations, we also use many methods to reach them!
What will we be doing?
You will be the key to our efforts to:
The Graduation Coach Campaign

the high school graduation rate to 80%
Ensure that all Philadelphia students have at least one
adult to guide them to success
Create a college-going culture where the "secrets" to succeeding in school are
common knowledge!
Describing the GCC
The Graduation Coach Campaign is
a formal mentoring program.
We are instead a
that focuses on "natural mentors."
Get information to a wider audience
Hear from the community
Generate buzz!
Materials you will need
Mini-flyers to Distribute
Copies of Handbill License
Caps and Gowns
Clipboards and Pens
Data Tracking Form
If they
ask questions
about the GCC or the Mayor's Office, or they
want help
with an education topic:
Answer if you know the information they need.
If you don't know the answer, tell them they can visit our website (show them the address on the flyer) or call the number listed.
They can also leave their name and number/email if they want someone from the Mayor's Office of Education to contact them directly.
If they seem eager to
share their opinions:
Listen carefully and politely.
Again, tell them that we can write down their concerns and share it with the Mayor's Office of Education. Write it on the data tracking form (their contact information is optional).
Telling your friends and neighbors about us
Talking about us on social media
Tagging us in your posts
We are always trying to spread the word! Help us by:
People often get confused about what we do. Here are some myths to clear up.
The Graduation Coach Campaign does not work in adult education. While we do make many referrals to the Mayor's Commission on Literacy and GED programs, that is not our primary focus.
The Graduation Coach Campaign informs and supports adults so that they can better help
#phillygradcoach, #gcctasselteam
Like our Facebook page:
And comment on our discussions!
ANYONE can be a Graduation Coach! This campaign is not only for parents.
Any adult who believes that education is important can visit our website and learn more. Pastors, neighbors, teachers, counselors, brothers and sisters... we encourage them all to coach students.
Your safety is important to us! Use common sense and follow these tips:
Trust your instincts
. We will never ask you to approach a person if you get a bad vibe or feel uncomfortable. Make sure your volunteers know this as well.
Call if there is an emergency
. For anything serious, obviously call 911 first. Also try to call Caroline at (814) 336-9854.

2. If a conversation turns lengthy or uncomfortable, politely explain that you are just a volunteer, and that you are sorry but you cannot help with the issue.
We are grateful for your time and support! Feel free to share feedback anytime.
Encourage more students to complete
post-secondary education
The Graduation Coach Campaign is an initiative of the
Mayor's Office of Education.
The Campaign provides adults with
information, strategies, and resources
so that they can guide students they know through school.
Most of the specifics of this position are in Exhibit A of your contract.
We are not currently using a phone tracking app, but we may in the future. For now, you must keep track of your own hours.
We will likely not ever use volunteers, but the protocol is listed here just in case.
If you canvass without a Graduation Coach Campaign staff member present, you will need to arrange for materials needed, and mail completed forms to us promptly.
The Graduation Coach Campaign is promoting education in Kensington, from the ground up!
Define the Graduation Coach Campaign- what is our mission?
Tracking Data
We are now going to explain how to fill out the canvassing form. Keep these two things in mind:
Without good notes, we won't be able to track people's feedback accurately.
Recording things well
is very important- these forms are how we reach back out to people and also advocate for the community's needs.

It can difficult to listen and write at the same time. If you need help, ask a fellow Tassel Team Captain to write things down for you.
Review contract and logistics
Practice conversations you may have with residents
Explain step-by-step what you will be doing in Kensington
Introduce the resources of the Graduation Coach Campaign
Our Training Camps are dynamic 90-minute or 60-minute workshops. Participants receive the Playbook and other resources, and the presentation emphasizes soft skills.
version of the Training Camp is available, as well as a college-specific version.
Our Game Plans are 10-minute instructional videos that help adults guide their students through the education system.

Compared to the Training Camps, the Game Plans are shorter but much more detailed. For example, they help adults guide students through applying to high school, financing college, and more.
In addition to the Game Plans, the Graduation Coach Campaign offers other digital ways to get information.

Coaches can visit www.phillygradcoach.org for resources and to sign up for our monthly
e-resource guide

We also share regular tips, articles, and updates on social media:

Because many people in Kensington don't have home internet access, we provide
bilingual, print
materials in accessible community locations. These include salons, barbershops, laundromats, health clinics, churches, and more!
The Tassel Team is a group of volunteers who will distribute information directly into the hands of residents. During canvassing, the Tassel Team will also interact with residents to answer their questions and hear their concerns.
As a Tassel Team Captain, you will be responsible for:
Connect2College Cards
One of the most important things you will have to do is to LISTEN. We need people to feel
; we want them to feel that we are hearing them out instead of talking
The safety of both our staff and our volunteers is important to us!
How will sessions be scheduled?
For canvassing, you will never be required to come on a specific date. We will email you when we have dates available, and you can let us know whether you are available.
We will try to schedule Tassel Team Captains to work in groups. We will require at least 48 hours notice before a cancellation, though you can contact another Tassel Team Captain to see whether they can fill in for you.
Ensuring that all required materials are present at your location
Distributing information to passersby
Communicating directly with residents about their questions and concerns
Maintaining proper documentation on the forms provided
Generally ensuring that canvassing at your location runs smoothly
PhillyGoes2College is a partner initiative of the Graduation Coach Campaign. They help any Philadelphia resident who wishes to attain a college degree.
This website offers comprehensive help on applying to college, including a blog with regular scholarship listings.
Connect2College labs
Connect2College texting service
Locations throughout Philadelphia with resource binders onsite, and detailed one-on-one support (by appointment)
Texting service that offers personalized information and reminders about college.
We are always looking for new locations in which to canvass. If you know of upcoming events, or other places where there are a lot of people walking past, let us know!
Invoices and Communication
I will send a reminder text the day before the canvassing. The day of canvassing itself, we should communicate by text or phone.
All other questions (regarding payment, future dates for canvassing, etc.) need to be sent to us by email. We will expect you to check your email regularly for communication from us.
You need to track your own hours worked and fill them out on the invoice form.
You can submit invoices no more than twice a month. To submit them, you can give them to us in person, mail them, or fax them to us.
Payment typically gets processed in about ten days, but may occasionally take longer.
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