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Graphic Design History


Crystal Jin

on 27 August 2010

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Transcript of Graphic Design History

Graphic Design History What is graphic design? Graphic design is a creative process.
Graphic design is verber communication. poster type business logo book cover Graphic design is a part of your daily life. The beginning graphic design can be traced back 30000 years to cave printing.
500 years to invention of movable type.
In 19th century is good beginning point for study graphic design. Abstract Movements In 1897: Henry van de Velde created first totally abstract poster. In 1911: Wassily Kandinsky created first abstract painting. In 1913: The Russian Kazimir Malevich stated painting abstract geometric compositions. In 1917: The Russian Revolution are relate to many Russian artists.
In 1920s: Abstract flourished during the 1920s in Europe and strongly influenced the later Bauhaus work. In 1919: The School of Applied Arts and Crafts are reopened as the Bauhaus at Weimar Germany In 1922: the constructivist EI Lissizky met with Theo van Doesburg and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy in a congress of constructivists and Dadaists in Germany After 1923: Their exchange of ideas formed a core for the Bauhaus. By the late 1920s: the Bauhaus was stressing functional graphic design. In 1933: Nazis forced the closing of the Bauhaus and lots of artists are moved to the United States In 1950s: The Swiss also continued to develop the ideas of the Bauhaus in typography and layout design from the 1950s onward. In 1970s: The predominant graphic design style in the world by the 1970s, it featured a strong reliance on typographic elements, usually sans serif typefaces in a flush left and ragged right format. Figurative movements In 1925: Art deco appeared as a definite style in Paris around 1925. In 1920s: Surrealism also surfaced in the 1920s In 1930s: Many surrealist artists were putting found objects in strange combinations that evoked poetic and unconscious associations. American Design In 1937: Laszlo Moholy-Nagy came to Chicago to direct the New Bauhaus In 1938 to 1946: Moholy-Nagy operated his own Institute of Design. In 1940s: Lester Beall were worked in New York. In 1930s and early 1940s: Cipe Pineles learned editorial art direction from one of the master of the era, Dr.M.F. Agha, at Conde Nast publications. In 1950s: Marketing research was an important influence on business decisions. In 1951: The International Design Conference in Aspen was founded in 1951 to assess and discuss the role of design in the commercial environment. In 1955: Push Pin Studios was founded opposition to the spirit of Swiss Design. In 1960s: Magazine design was a creative area in the 1960s. - technology had an important increased during the postmodern period
- Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) created the visible language workshop (multimedia program)
- this program brings artists,designers,computer scientists,sociologists to study communication In the 1970 :
- first applied to architecture,New Wave,and graphic design
- April Greiman mixing formal experiments with popular imagery

During the 1980 :
- Stuart Ewen created the role and effect of advertising design on society
- Barbara Kruger expanded an advertising campaign and she used typographical style and images for her advertising

The remainder of 20th century :
- Art deco and art nouvea were include styles of shopping mall that were revised as figurative work
- woman had important strong effect on design during this time
- Katherine McCoy gave support to the production of visually which rich and complex design Postmodernism - By the late 1980s :
- By the last decade of the 20th century :
computer and graphic design could be worked together to create a good visual texture with the photographic image Digital focus 1. postmodern typography could be used to explore multiple meanings
2. The internet is interactive and could be impact to the computer technology and influences our style and content New Technologies New technologies could be impact to the graphic design and we have another new technology in our life everyday,like software.Software always have a new feature and more advance than that used. In the opening years of the 21st century :
United States use an electronic technology and internationally has been change the design
Style and content are affected by the technology used in their creation
There's a relationship between design and technology,for example printing machine and stone litography which affected by the social communication
The development of computer graphics
In 1953,a simple visual display of a bouncing ball was used to calculate and show military targets
In 1962,Ivan Sutherland created the first interactive computer graphics display at MIT
There was a mouse pen which could draw a line stretched in video screen
There were so many kinds of applications,from engineering,medicine,and geology to graphic design,animation (3D),film,and website. Interactivity Internet interacts a different way apart from traditional media such as radio,television,etc.For example radio,it has only audio feature,however;internet has many features like real time communication (chatting)
CD-ROM and DVDs are interactivity,however;there is only internet could be travelled through time and space and it could be easier to have a communication with our family who live apart Through the industrial revolution,graphic design was growth. And then machines and some large-scale production replaced hand tools.
The first photographic metal engraving was invented in 1824.
The first halftone screen was made in 1852.
Color process work was first successfully printed in 1893.
The first automated steam press for lithography was desiigned around 1868
•Macintosh was presented in the mid 1980s and internet has become popular for marketing products or for share the information.
•Website production had a good progress for graphic designers
•Interactive visual,communication,create 3D animation made a new market for graphic designers more advance
•Virtual reality was another advance technology too,include senses and sensor.
From the explanation above we can know about history of graphic design.Design was here for many long time ago,many peoples used design with different reasons.Now there are many design in our life,like advertisement.
We have an advance and modern technology now,and it will be more exciting and challenging for designers to create and develop another design.
Graphic designers must have a brilliant idea everyday,because they must use their own creativity to make some new designs.
http://www.maryboonegallery.com/artist_info/gfx/kruger/04057-(BK).jpg http://observatory.designobserver.com/media/images/yokoo_04.jpg

Art nouveau beacme an international style.
That used pictures of plants and flowers,popular in Europe
and America at the end of 19th century.That is inspired by
nature.Its influence has lasted much longer .
Art nouveau 1897~197o 1937~1960 Modernism The development of the European modernist is 1908 to 1933.
Modernism includes fine art,graphic design,and architecture though various movements.

The years before World War the born of Futurism by capturing motion.
Motion pictures were popular by 1910,they widened our visual reality,creating images that moved.
Around this same time,another movement surfaced that would strongly influence graphic design. Reference http://www.postershow.com/art_nouveau_poster/index.htm http://www.infobarrel.com/The_History_of_the_Coca_Cola_Bottle The future •Macintosh was presented in the mid 1980s and internet has become popular for marketing products or for share the information.
•Website production had a good progress for graphic designers
•Interactive visual,communication,create 3D animation made a new market for graphic designers more advance
•Virtual reality was another advance technology too,include senses and sensor
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