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International Cool City Hunt: What is Cool in Mexico D.F.

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Jeremy Clouser

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of International Cool City Hunt: What is Cool in Mexico D.F.

International Cool City Hunt: What is Cool in Mexico D.F.? What is cool? Something that is attractive and inspiring with growth potential. Science of the Time.... Attractive: I like it
It make me think
It’s cool Does that attractive - cool - thing have the potential to grow? Why? Can you visualize it? Validation: The many different examples from around the world validate the trend There are 8 Different Trends that we will focus on(there is some overlapping) The Rise of the Urban Nomad They are all around us.
Urban Nomads are the hard working, city dwellers who daily weave their own web intertwining work and play on the go. Go everywhere in the city. They can work anywhere in the city
Bike transport (other modes)
Office is a rental 24/7/365
Internet shopping
Creative Class The Rise of the Social Web Computer as parent The computer/internet is grouping people together in new ways Cool Compassion Give back, charity, goodness while being cool Cool Relax in a Stressed Society Quick and cool ways to relax in a busy society/city Anger/Distrust/Cynicism Against everything (but cool) What is cool about D.F.? Love Thy City How do you make the city yours? What do you love about the city? The Experience Economy That special extra touch that makes something an experience to remember Eco Cool Something that is cool and helps the environment NYC Highline How is this information valuable? What use can it have for you as an individual? For a business? BRIC Countries: Where things are happening Your Job:
Find cool examples in D.F. that fit these themes
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