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Copy of Creating a Resource List on Follett Destiny

This is a presentation I will give to my administrator at Willard School for a workshop I plan to give about creating Resource Lists in Follett Destiny. It is also my culminating project for LIBR 250.

Jan Brown

on 4 July 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Creating a Resource List on Follett Destiny

Creating a
Resource List

As you know our district has just upgraded from Follett's CircCat system to Follett Destiny. Follett Destiny has many wonderful features. One feature is the ability to create resource lists. A resource list can be used by teachers and staff to keep track of resources used during units of instruction, to recommend books to students, or to list required readings. Because our district subscribes to One Search and Web Path Express the resource lists can also include websites and material from on-line subscriptions.
This workshop will include an introduction to resource lists. I will show examples of resource lists that I have created. Time will be provided for the staff to start making their own lists. This will be an after school session. I anticipate the session will last forty five minutes to an hour. I will be conducting the training in the Willard Library. I will ask teachers to bring their school issued laptops. With the seating available in the library and with the need to be able to see the screen I will limit the class to 12 participants. If more than that are interested I will provide the training again.
I believe our teachers and staff should learn how to create and add materials to a resource list and also learn how to make those lists available to their students. Resource lists can help teachers and staff communicate expectations to their students, guide students to materials that are useful to instruction, or just provide book suggestions.
My learners will be the teachers and staff at Willard School. My assumption is that all the attendees will have basic computer skills. Most of the teachers and staff are also familiar with the basic concepts of a Follett system because our district has had CircCat for over fifteen years.
I am the best person to both design and teach the teachers and staff how to create resource lists. The primary reason is that I have been trained in the system already. In addition, it is my job to help with information literacy in the building. Because I was a teacher before I became a librarian I understand the time constraints of staff and teachers and can make sure this training is a good use of the their time. I also have a good understanding of how teachers and staff can use resource lists to help with their instruction. It is my intention to develop several lists ahead of time to serve as samples and to collaborate with teachers and staff as they design their own lists.
Follett has many materials available to help people who are using the system. When a patron is on the “Resource List” page there is a link entitled “How do I” which explains the features. For the library administrator there is also Web Help. In addition, there are eLearning modules for even more help. I will be using these materials as I design this workshop and will also show the teachers and staff how to access and use the help features.
I will be sending teachers and staff log-in information for Follett Destiny near the end of the summer so they can start exploring. I will also communicate with them via e-mail prior to the Teacher Workshop Day in August about this session. At the Teacher Workshop Day I will give a brief teaser of the features of Follett Destiny, show them sample resource lists, and then tell them about this opportunity to learn how to create a resource list. By having several lists already done I should be able to gain consensus about how training in creating resource lists will be a valuable use of their time.
I will be able to see if the teachers and staff are able to make resource lists because these lists will be made public on Follett Destiny.
This training will not be required. I hope that the teaser done at the staff meeting will be enough to entice teachers and staff to attend. I have several teachers who already do many things in the library who will probably be on board. I will also count on word of mouth by them to encourage our colleagues. I will also discuss this training with the principal and assistant principal and they, in turn, can help encourage teachers and staff to attend. I am hoping that teachers and staff will be self-motivated when they see how helpful resource lists can be for their students both in terms of curriculum and in terms of recreational reading.
Teachers and staff can collaborate with each other and with the school librarian to create these lists. In addition to collaboration, I hope that the creation of resource lists will cause an increase in the use of library materials. Once teachers and staff start using resource lists I can help them create other lists that will reinforce their curriculum. By searching for materials to add to the list I hope the teachers and staff will be exposed to or reminded of resources that we have in the library.
My goals for this workshop are that teachers and staff will learn about the functions of a resource list in Follett Destiny and learn to make their own resource list(s) that can be saved, added to, and made public for their students to use. These resource lists can be used to help communicate expectations, guide students to recommended materials, and provide book and resource suggestions to their students. These resource lists can be a valuable collaboration and communication tool between teachers and students.
Before the training teachers and staff need to be able log in to Follett Destiny. They should also have a sense of what type of resource list they would like to create. Finally, they should have a basic understanding of how to do a search with an on-line catalog.
There will be no formal assessment of this workshop. I will be looking to see that resource lists have been created and made public. In order for me to see that the workshop was beneficial I would want to see teachers and staff creating more resource lists beyond the one created during the session and I would like to see students using the lists as part of their classes or as suggestions for recreational reading.

I will be checking in with teachers and staff to see if they are adding reference lists to the Follett Destiny site. This will be done during grade level meetings and through periodic check in with the them via e-mail or direct communication. I will offer to work with them on building other lists as well.

Another way I will evaluate whether the presentation was effective will be by seeing who actually creates and posts resource lists. I will check in with teachers personally and via e-mail to discuss what they have done, remind them of what the possibilities are, and help them create more resource lists.
The outcomes of the survey and my individual follow-up will help me make changes to the instruction as needed and will help me create future workshops for using other features of Follett Destiny and other teaching tools. It will also help me determine if follow-up instruction is needed or if I should do the workshop again for teachers who were not able to attend the session.
Information Presentation:
Step 1 - Teachers and staff will have been given log-in information for Follett Destiny. I will use a show of hands to see if the teachers have tried it yet or if we need to start at that point. During the presentation I will have my laptop connected to a projector so that teachers can see the steps as I do them and then do the same things on their laptops. Once teachers have logged in to Follett Destiny we will be ready for step two.
Step 2 - Brainstorm some possible uses for a resource list. All teachers will be encouraged to bring copies of their curriculum to give them ideas. I will have extra copies for those who forget.
Information Presentation:
Step 3 - Teachers and staff will be shown how to access a public resource list or lists that have already been created. This will show some of the uses of a resource list. Lists can be viewed at http://destiny.sanford.org/quest/servlet/presentquestform.do?site=106
Step 4 - Once we have generated ideas for lists teachers and staff will click on the “catalog” tab, then click on “Resource Lists” from the list of options on the left. Once there they will click on “Add List”. Then they will able to name, describe, and click in a check box to make the list public. Finally, they will save their list.
Information Presentation:
Step 5 - Teach the various ways to add books to a resource list.
- From within the list by barcodes, author, subject, etc
- From a library search
Step 6 - Show how to also add websites and other resources to the list using OneSearch and WebPathExpress
Information Presentation:
Step 7 - Give teachers and staff time to create their own lists. I will be answering questions as needed throughout the whole workshop. During this time I will be circulating to provide assistance as needed.
Step 8 - Show them the “How do I…” link where they can see instructions on how to do other things with their lists.
Information Presentation:
Step 9 - Share lists that have been created.

I will create a handout of the basic steps for creating a resource list which includes screen shots from the website. This handout will also include directions on how to get to the help menu. This will be given to staff at the end of the workshop.
For the evaluation I will do a survey on Survey Monkey. The survey will be done with a ranking system of agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree, and disagree. The questions will be…
• The workshop met my expectations.
• The length of the workshop was appropriate.
• The workshop was well organized.
• I will be able to use this information in my teaching.
• I am interested in doing more professional development workshops
There will also be a question given an overall grade for the workshop – and the choices will be A, B, C, and D.
Finally, there will be an area for comments and an area for suggestions about future workshops.
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