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explain everything

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 15 September 2017

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Transcript of explain everything

power point
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I can record and can up load photos from life. I can also retry it and can
pause it just in case.
google images
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I can screen shot images and also I can take it onto my space.
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thank you for watching!!!


I can write and record my maths strategy. Then I can up load photos and videos onto you tube.
Using power point
I can start writing
and add photos onto my power point. I can also make videos and music onto the power point.
I can add images and change the words color into my document. Next I can make my words bigger and smaller.
I can communicate with my
teacher and I can see their
faces on the screen. Finally I
can read my story to my
friends and they can read
theirs to me.
study jams
I can watch the videos for help and I can enter quiz's as well.
I can retry it and can pause it just in case.

Face time
I can play games on it with my friends and can research on safari.
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