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zeus by breyawnnie frazier

No description

Jaci Howard

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of zeus by breyawnnie frazier

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com The Last Child Zeus and his Family Zeus was watched by a fairy goat named Amaltheia. To thank the goat for watching him, he gave her horns that shall never be emptied. Amaltheia did a very good job watching Zeus, therefore Zeus grew up to be a very strong god. Young Zeus chose Metis as his first wife. She was the Goddess of Prudence and he needed her good advice. Zeus' Brothers and Sisters. The Birth of Zeus The Terrible Battle A battle happened, hardly any living creature was still on earth. Zeus was fated to win. When Typhon was tearing up Mountain Aetna to hurl at the Gods, Zeus hit the mountain with his lightning bolts and it fell on Typhon. To this very day, he has been throwing up lava and rocks. Zeus Zeus is the god of the sky, thunder, lightning, and heavens. Rhea had a lot of children, but every time she had a child, Cronus would swallow him or her whole because he knew that one of his children was going to be stronger than him, just like he was stronger than his father. Zeus was the last child to be born. In order to save Zeus from his father, Rhea gave Cronus a rock to swallow instead of Zeus. Then she hid him in the island of Crete. Zeus' mother Rhea wanted Zeus to overthrow his father so that she could get her children back. Zeus tricked his father Cronus, into eating a magic herb. Cronus thought the herb would make him unbeatable. Instead, it made him so sick that he threw up Zeus' brothers and sisters and the stone that Rhea had given him to eat. Resources D'Aulaires, Edgar and Ingri. Book of Greek
Myths. New York: Doubleday Books.

Gibson, Michael. Gods Men and Monsters
from the Greek Myths. New York: Schocken Books. 1982 Great God Zeus Zeus was now the lord of the universe. He did not want to rule the world alone so he decided to share his power with his brothers and sisters. The Titans, and their sons revolted. They did not want to be ruled by new gods. Zeus The Fight The Titans fought a bitter battle. At last they had to surrender, and Zeus locked them up in Tartarus. The Hekatonkheires went to stand in front of the gates to make sure that the Titans never escaped.. The Fight Against Mother Earth Mother Earth was very angry with Zeus for sending her sons, the Titans, into a dark pit of Tartarus. She sent two horrible monsters, Typhon and his mate, Echidna, and sent them to fight against Zeus. Zeus freed all of the monstrous sons of Mother Earth from Tartarus. The creatures with one hundred arms, called Hekatonkheires, fought for him with all their strength. The Cyclops forged mighty weapons for him. They also forged lightning bolts for him. Armed with them, he was the mightiest god of them all. Nothing could stand against him and his mighty thunderbolts.
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