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how many dunks has Lebron James made in his carrer

No description

Jen Hartley

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of how many dunks has Lebron James made in his carrer

Lebron James
How many dunks has Lebron James made in his career.
It is no exact number of dunks he
has made. He has been making
every game.
Does Lebron James like to

Is Lebron James good frends

with Chris Bosh.
Lebron James birthday is December 30th.

His nickname is King James.
His number is number 6.
He has 2 children right now.
He is the best in the NBA today.
He plays for the team called Miami Heat.
He weighs 250 pounds.
He was born in Akron, Ohio.
He gets paid 17-27 millon dollars a year!
His acual name is James Lebron. He switched them
for the NBA.
He has a brother, but not from the same
Yes he does like to
Lebron James is not good friends
with Chris Bosh.
at all!
Lebron James dunking.
Lebron James doing
a fadaway on Colby Brian
Lebron James posing
for a picture.
"How Many Dunks Has LeBron James Made?" Answers. Answers Coorporation, n.d. Web. 24 Apr. 2014.
A good source.
His favorite books are The
Hunger Games.
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