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Elise Ritchie

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Media Framing
Media feels the need to classify people in order to establish clear differences between them.
Without these differences true meaning can not exist as they work in comparative ways with one another.
Race and Stereotypical
Portrayals in Media

Can you think of any other examples where the media downplays a person's culture in order to magnify a different aspect?
We need classification systems to make sense of world
Genres in media: soap opera, romance, detective stories. We watch certain types of shows and classifying them.
Take easily recognizable characteristics of a person or group of people and reduce everything about them to these perceived traits.
What are ways that media stereotypes are carried into our society (and lives)?
Media Polarities
'Culture' is not simply a set of attributes, such as novels, TV shows or comics, but are a set of practices involved in creating and transmitting meanings.
"The Other" is created by the media in order to place the unknown or different entity in a category
Have there been changes over the years of how the 'other' is represented in the media.
In analyzing images: realize that the way that minorities are represented in the media are by using polar opposites such as:
Repelled because they are different/ compelling because they are exotic
Intriguing vs.
Good vs.
Do Differences Matter?
We bring media classifications into our everyday lives without knowledge of it.
Issues arise when people don't fit into one category, they fit into multiple.
The media subjects them to the category they perceive to be dominant.
This tendency forces cultures to purify themselves and create stable symbolic boundaries.
What are media portrayals that have helped shape your perception of race today?
I can already smell the flowers and chocolates your not getting
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