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Domestic Surveillance Post-9/11

No description

Kurt Fifelski

on 25 June 2015

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Transcript of Domestic Surveillance Post-9/11

Domestic Surveillance Post-9/11
Executive Order 12333

PATRIOT ACT - Sections 203, 212, 215

-In 2002 the NSA reached out to Telecoms, granting them access to over 81% of telephone data

-By 2003 they were recording telephone data on most AT&T Costumers

-The FBI & CIA were fully involved in data analysis in 2004

-2006, the Dragnet begins
-2007, Bush signs the Protect America Act
-2008, Bush signs the
2012, Edward Snowden

-Ends the collection of phone metadata
-Maintains roving wiretap & lone wolf provision
-Does not address foreign internet content collection
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