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First Impressions

No description

Sophie Geister-Jones

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of First Impressions

First Impressions & Identity
I Know Its Bad, but...
When I first meet somebody, I make a lot of judgements.
I look at their clothes and their hair and their make-up, and I make assumptions about them. I know its wrong, but I still do it.
The thing I think I forget the most about first impressions are how incredibly off the mark they are. I assume that a first impression is a bite-size glimpse at the identity of a person, when really identity is completely different.
Some of my closest friends, who are incredibly nice people, were people that I hated when I first met them.
When I Met Her: walking home in 6th grade
First Impression: I thought she was a complete nerd. She wore dress pants to school and named her eraser Judy. I also thought she had a really big ego and was a brat.
Who She Really Is: She’s still a nerd, but she’s funny and sweet and super understanding not just of me, but of everyone. Anyone can tell her their problems and she’ll try to find a way to make them better, or at least make you feel better.
When I Met Her: middle school summer golf league
First Impression: We got along really well. I thought she was cool. She also had a pool that we used after golf.
Who She Really Is: She still has a pool we use after golf, but she’s also a really dedicated friend and really tries to be the best person she can be. I can count on her to always be drama-free and down to earth.

When I Met Him: 3rd Grade
First Impression: Kind of quiet, really smart, but cool, too.
Who He Really Is: Smartest person I know, hands down. He’s amazing at everything he does but he's still really humble and generous and nice and just a great person. He’s never, ever rude to anyone and he’s always in a good mood.
When I Met Him: 6th grade
First Impression: I thought he was just another stereotypical guy into sports, not much else. He was friends with some of my other friends, though, so I guess I was sort of liked him because of that.
Who He Really Is: The funniest kid I know. He’s really good at calling BS, and he can be serious when you need him to be, but he’s one of the biggest goofballs ever. He’s really confident with who he is and doesn’t try to be anyone else. He’s also really patriotic and wants to be in the military some day.

Its really easy to use quick observations and judgements to categorize a person, but in truth, you have no idea what kind of a human that person is. Identity is so much more than just an outward appearance, but that's all that a first impression is, and it sucks when it is perceived to be your identity.
Their First Impression of Me
Their First Impression of Me
When I Met Her: freshman year
First Impression: I didn't like her one bit. I thought she was a grumpy sophomore with a superiority complex.
Who She Really Is: One of the sweetest, bluntest people I know. She's really passionate about music and is really self-confident.
When I Met HIm: summer before 3rd grade
First Impression: He was hilarious! He was really good at the Super Mario Bros and Nintendogs, and always shared his games.
Who He Really Is: He’s completely unselfish and is really smart and can be super mature, but he’s not afraid to act like an idiot. Seriously. This kid drank his own pee for $8.
Ike's First Impression of Me
Sarah's First Impression of Me
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