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The Zombies

No description

Evan Winslow

on 2 May 2015

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Transcript of The Zombies

The Zombies
A Rose for Emily
Formed in 1961

Inspired bands like The Doors

Psychedelic and 'baroque pop'

Formed in England, part of English invasion

Band Background
Vocals, Bass, Organ/ Keys, Drumset

Often have simple layouts

Frequent vocal harmonies
William Faulkner, 1930's, reflects the times

Main character: Emily, rich southern gentry

Sorrowful lonely tale

Surprise & symbolic ending

Meaning illustrated through music

A Rose For Emily: Literature
Moves around D, A, and G major (differences of one #)

No stable key center
Form Outline Diagram
The Harmonic Journey: Verse
Begins enigmatically on borrowed chord: bVII

Relationships hinged on Dominant- Tonic or Leadingtone- Tonic relationships: Pull

Music alignment with text: mystery, sorrow, tension, and drama

The Harmonic Journey: Chorus
Also begins on Modally borrowed chord

Chord structure is modified version of Verse

Same relationships between chords: therefore similar theoretical layout
The Harmonic Journey: Coda
More pull: again

Tension reflecting ending of story, symbolism

Suspensions for more tension

Unresolve, reflections on the last note
Other Notes
Baroque pop: like chamber & art music

Serious, Lush, & Sophisticated

End: throwbach to Back
Composition from a single short section

In depth harmonic application

Classical personalized to Modern
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