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Family Life in the Mayan

No description

Megan Barnhouse

on 2 September 2016

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Transcript of Family Life in the Mayan

Duties of Family Members
Women would wake before dawn to get the fire burning
The women did a lot around the house like cook, clean and take care of animals
The Mayan woman also cleaned corn that had to be boiled and left to soak overnight with the help of their daughters
Women made little breads and cooked them over the fire, they would serve it in the morning or save it for dinner
During the day, women and older girls cared for the children and animals
They swept their homes and spun cotton into cloth
Mayan fathers and sons ate their breakfast before work on the field. When they were not busy, they would hunt for animals
Special Occasions
Family Life in the Mayan Civilization

Mayan families took time to celebrate important events such as birth. Shortly after the child was born, a priest would come and baptize them
When the girls were three months old, they would celebrate the representation of three stones of the home hearth fireplace.
Girls were given tools for spinning and weaving , and carrying water.
When the boys were four months old, they were represented by the four sides of the plot.
There was a ceremony called "Coming of Age Ceremony" Girls did this at age 12 and boys at 14. The priest would cut a white bead from the boy's hair and removed a string of red shells from the girl's waist. They did this to represent their current young age.
Our Social Studies Book
"Mayan Family Life - Ancient Mayan Civilization." <i>Mayan Family Life - Ancient Mayan Civilization</i>. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 May 2014. &lt;https://sites.google.com/site/ancientmayancivilization/mayan-family-life&gt;.
"Maya households." <i>Wikipedia</i>. Wikimedia Foundation, 24 May 2014. Web. 29 May 2014. &lt;http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maya_households&gt;.
Other facts about family life
The children only went to an actual school if they came from a noble family(Mayan Family Life)
The family structure would alternate from nuclear and extended families. Nuclear: The family had their own personal home. Extended: The families would live near each other's common spaces(Mayan Family Life), (Maya Households)
Many pieces of art work of the Mayans can give information about the civilization.
Living Space
They Mayan were located in present day Honduras
They lived in one room huts of interwoven poles that were covered with dried mud
Families were often grouped around a courtyard
There was a separate kitchen built directly behind the main house
Marriage Customs
Men usually got married around 20 years old
Girls usually got married as young as 14 years old
Marriages were traditionally arranged by the
Gifts were exchanged after the civil and religious ceremonies (Mayan Family Life)
When a man was old enough to marry, he would leave home and build another house behind his parents house for when he gets married, he and his wife would live there(Maya Households)
Families would have to decide how long a man would work for his wife's family
A priest would bless the bride and groom's marriage
By: Megan Barnhouse, Connor Kramer, Sidney Kramer, and Noah Morris
These are Mayan Symbols
This is a picture of the life that they live in the Mayan Civilization
This is a house that the families would own in the Mayan Civilization
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