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Iranian Blizzard of 1972

No description

Charlton Hill

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Iranian Blizzard of 1972

What is a blizzard?
On February 3rd, 1972, after a four year drought, Iran was ironically hit with a blizzard. The snowfall ranged from 10 the 26 ft. The snow was so bad in one town that it was completely buried. The temperature was also ranged around -13 degrees Fahrenheit. It lasted for 1 week. The blizzard overall killed about 4,000 people; the deadliest blizzard in history.
Apart from killing about 4,000 people, the Iran blizzard took about 20 towns off the map. Since the Iranians never moved out, they never had to return from the blizzard. Other people died from the cold weather and roofs caving-in.
Impact on Iran
For a blizzard to form, you first need warm air to rise on top of cool air. Precipitation occurs with this action. You also need below freezing temperatures, and strong winds.
How does a blizzard form?
Iranian Blizzard of 1972
By: Charlton Hill
The first question we must ask is, "What is a blizzard?" A blizzard is a severe snowstorm characterized by winds at least 35mph, and lasts at least 3 hours.
There are two types of blizzards: Ground and whiteout. Ground blizzards have blizzard-like conditions, but the snow has already fallen, and is being thrown around. Whiteouts occur when downdrafts and falling snow mix to where you can't distinguish ground from air.
Worst blizzard in history.
Since not very much was recorded of the blizzard, so there is no information about the cost to repair, but this blizzard was not part of a chain.
There was not much to rebuild,
but after the snow melted, life in
Iran went back to normal.
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