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Blogging for Lawyers

No description

tomasz stasiuk

on 22 July 2010

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Transcript of Blogging for Lawyers

WHY BLOG? Blogging is the best way to reach your audience! Ok. If you can afford

full page ads,
and a television campaign,

You probably don’t need to blog. The attorneys who buy full page ads, billboards and TV time... Is it really worth the trouble? Search engines
are the new
yellow pages MY PROBLEM!" "SH W ME" Blogging lets you tackles specific issues and topics! Auto-ped collision resulting in cervical fracture resulting in neuropathy when the insurance company is denying the claim. GOOGLE BLOGGING also lets you get to the top of ... The number 1 search referrer What makes blogs so special? DRIVING MORE TRAFFIC TO
YOUR SITE! Blogging shows:

You're knowledgeable!
You're helpful!
You're NICE! So they hire ... O U & the best advertising at any price!!! Blogs produce regular content.
Address specific questions people are searching for. WHERE TO START So many choices... Next Step:
Get a Domain & Host ! Your ".com" name "Serves" your site Domain Registrar = Host If your domain registrar IS your hosting company...

You're ready to install your blog! If your domain registrar is NOT your hosting company, you have to do a bit of work:

You have to tell the REGISTRAR the name servers for your host...

And you have to tell the HOST the ".com" url to host. Domain Registrar =/= Host Things get just a b-i-t tricker here....... but bear with me.....
Install Wordpress No, REALLY!

This is not hard! That was the hard part.,
Now you are ready to... The program EMAILS you when the install is done! Guess what?

You now have a ... h-no!!!!!!!!!!12 ) WRITE!!!! That means, it's time to... It's ok, You CAN DO IT Articles 5 misconceptions about ... bankruptcy law
10 ways to save money during a .... real estate contract
what can a .... family law lawyer do for me
7 mistakes to avoid in a ... foreclosure
the number one thing people forget to do ... planning their estate
what is a ... summons
how long does a take to ... start a business
what are the steps in ... changing custody
what should I do before ... sell my house
how much it cost to ... incorporate
what is the difference between ... a felony and a misdemeanor
can I sue for ... a dog bite
how much time do I have to sue for ... wrongful termination
So, get to writing,
you're going to.... o v e i t ! I'll even give you the first Presented by Planet10Tech.com They're already blogging! However... Best of all, blogging is very low cost! YES! Static websites CAN'T do this!

They can't address the problem the individual is looking to solve! However... Customers
are not just looking for
WHO can help them... You have to
your expertise! "DON'T just tell me
you're an expert!" "Show me you can help with ... FreeRobust
Lots of add-on (plug-ins & widgets) Most hosts offer "one-click" installs!
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