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HUSSC Presentation

MSBO Hussc Presentation

Dan Gorman

on 15 December 2011

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Transcript of HUSSC Presentation

R.R. Oehrli Elementary School 1st HUSSC Award in Michigan
1st HUSSC Gold Award in 5 State Region Thank you! Dan Gorman
Food Service Director
Montague Area Public School
dgorman@montague.k12.mi.us Challenges
involved paperwork and lots of follow up
can't easily change participation
do not control nutrition education and physical activity Opportunities
School has a high participation
School offers 12 fresh and 3 canned fruits and vegetables everyday
District wellness policy and nutrition education were in place Why do the work?
Reality is school lunches are healthiest meal most kids get
Perception is school lunch is as bad as fast food
Goal is to change that perception How we celebrated
Had students help created Obama Burger
Did taste test to pick the official "Obama Burger"
Local Television WZZM 13 came to our taste test
5th grade wrote invitation to Mrs. Obama
Recieved congradulations from the First Lady
All school assembly to celebrate award
USDA Officials and WOOD TV 8 Maranda came to award ceremony
Local papers and local television covered event Leafy Greens and Orange Vegetables
Carrots Beans
Garbonzo or Black Beans on the salad bar Fresh Fruit
Pears Whole Grains
Ultra Loco Bread
Whole Grain Brown Rice
Whole Wheat Spaghetti or Pasta
Whole Grain Hamburger Buns
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