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2015 5th Grade Book Reviews

No description

John Paulson

on 18 March 2016

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Transcript of 2015 5th Grade Book Reviews

Amulet 2 is a book full of adventures and the magic of a necklines! In my opinion this is a great book i would rate it 9 out 10 this book is wrote by Kazu Kibuishi!
Aiden Peterson
Brian s winter
I like this book because it is all about survival and hunting in the wild. The bad part is you haft to read hatchet. But hatchet is a good book. in this book brain has to go face mene dangers and gets attack by a moose and hit by a tornado. You should read this book because Thay go on meany adventurers.
2015 5th Grade Book Reviews
The dogs of Winter
Review by: Ella Pavlovich
Harry Potter
The fault in our stars is a great book about possible death and long love. John Green is a strong author who knows how to make a good suspense rising story. Hazel has a brain tumor that keeps shrinking and growing back and forth. It is a remarkable story!

Superfudge By:Judy Bloom (Brooklyn Sazama)
Written by: J.K. Rowling
Mathew Hansen
By Gary Paulson
Harry Potter is an action packed fantasy book that will have you on the edge of your seat. Harry has never imagined himself playing a sport while flying a broomstick, nor has he imagined himself in a giant castle with a bunch of witches and wizards because there is none of that on Privet Dr. and there was definitely none of that nonsense in the Dursley's house on number four Privet Dr. When Harry Potter receives a odd letter (from Hogwarts) and soon finds himself in Diagon Alley buying his very first wand and boarding the Hogwart's Express on platform 9 and 3/4.
Harry quickly makes two friends Ron and Hermione
and one enemy Draco Malfoy. When Harry starts nearing the end of his very first year he encounters the most darkest wizards of all time and will Harry survive this encounter or will he be put to death by a dark wizard? I think this is a must read book because once you start it's hard to put it down and there are more books in the series if you want to read more of Harry's deathly adventures and encounters. Thank you
This book is about ten stories about veterans that served the USA. They are very very brave. This book is written by Allan Zullo . this is a very sad story because it and the war is very sad time for lots of people.
Crossover is a wonderful book about family and teaches you the value of life and the power of death. A boy named Josh Bell ( with his twin) was the son the a famous basketball player (his dad) and as their season unfolds there friendship slowly fades away. After Josh and his brother become famous they started to get a little carried away with it. When Josh finds out that his dad has heart problems and does not want to fix it he started to worry. Josh is so happy after they won the Nation Middle School Basketball Championship that he totally forget all about this dad but he didn't know that his dad has died in the hospital. This book has a twist of emotions read the book to find out more!!!!!
The fault in our stars
By:Logan Dehnel
four clans who share the forest and attack whenever threatened and will fight for food. But the thunder clan is in deep danger they better get ready for attack...

The Dogs of Winter is about a little boy named Mishka or little bear who is orphaned by his mothers boyfriend he has to face many trials of living on the streets until he finds his new best friends...
these dogs help him survive the ferocious winters in Russia.
I think Bobbie Pyron did a fantastic job writing this book, he is very detailed and it is easy for you to create a visualization

If you don't like sad books then I don't recommend this book for you.

but if you do like sad books, then this would probably be your best bet.
hope you like it because I sure do!
My opinion is that everybody would
this book and it is the best book ever.
I think that you guys would

read this book
By: Scout Kirshy
I think this is a great book many people will enjoy because it has a caring story and is so happy and sad a the same time. I really think this book
will make you cry, and laugh because it is
so good!!!!
World War 1 Ten True Tales
I think you should read this if you are into army books. it is a very good book i enjoyed this book a lot it is a sad story also i thought this a book is worth the money I loved this book. If you read this book you would like this book. One of the chapters is this sniper slides into a trench and he landed on top of a enemy and then he quickly pulled out his pistol and killed the enemy.
The fault in our stars
By: Scout Kirshy
Natalie Costa
The Haunted Museum
By Annika Jansen
The Phantom Music Box
- This book is about a girl named, Emma, she is supposed to be at her ballet class but instead she is at the haunted museum with her friend. She is in a spooky music box exhibit, she finds on particular music box in that exhibit and it has 2 dancers dancing to some slow spooky music. That same night she was eating with her family and all of a sudden she hears the doorbell, no one is there except a package addressed to Emma Bryant! She opened it up and it was the music box she saw at the haunted museum! She put the music box from the package in her room and went to bed later that night. In the middle of the night the music box was making noise so she took it and put it in her dresser drawer, that didn't work so she put it in the garbage outside. That was better. The next morning she looked at her feet and they were dirty! Also the music box she threw away was still in her drawer! What is going on? She must of had a weird dream! She had to do something with it before something bad happened!
- You should read this book because it gives very good details about the book and in the beginning it also has a little authors note that tells you some things that happen in the book. The author doesn't really give things away she just tells the reader to get ready for this to happen so the reader doesn't get scared. The author doesn't make it too scary for the read but it still is a little spooky. One reason why you probably wouldn't want to read it is because every time you stop you are left in suspense and you want to keep going. I think you should read this awesome book at some point.
Because of Winne-Dixie
By:Mikayla Haataja
Author: Kate Dicamillo
Maximum Rider
by: Mathew Hansen
Author: James Peterson

It is about demon and angels and the angles trying to stay alive. if you like action
This story is about a little girl named Opal and she has dog named Winne-DIxie. Her dad is a preacher and her mom left them because she did not want to be married to a preacher. When Opal moved she made a buch of new freinds because of Winne-Dixie but probaly wouldn't have made that much friends if she didn't have that dog.
All the books in the haunted museum series
Suzanne Weyn
Jacob Isaacson
by: Triton
Cade/Leviathan Book Review
The Leviathan is a book written by Scott
Danger on the midnight river
woodsong is a really good book. But it is very sad and will really get in to detail! This book is my favorite of all time. THis book is about Gary Paulsen and his dogs and how they run the ididtrod. Gary tells what is important to him. I think you should read this beacuse this book is full of detail and action. LIke gary says something about a deer and a wolf. you will have to read to know more it is the best book it is funny, sad and sweet! you will love this book!
The Lemonade War By: Jacob
This book danger on the midnight river is wrote by Gary Paulsen. This book is about a boy who is going to a summer camp but he doesn't want to go but his mom is making him go. on the way to the camp they go over a bridge and the bridge, the bridge collapses and not every one survives read the book to find out if Daniel the main charters will survive. i think that you should read this book because over all it is a good book because it is a lot of outdoor adventurers. i think this book is a 9 out of 10 i gave it a 9 because in the beginning it is a little boring but it gets better and better at the end!
This book is a great book for kids that like adventure. The two main characters are peter and Farley drexel hatcher(also known as Fudge). They are brothers that don't get along very well . Fudge also thinks he is a superhero and that drives peter crazy. I think this book is great because there is a lot of all the adventure and I hope you like this book too!
By: Jacqueline Davies
Westerfeld. This book has a war going on and the war starts with a king who wants peace dies. But the king has a son named Alex and Alex is determined to stop the war. But Alex is forced to go into hiding because the Germans are hunting him because the Germans want war. But then a British airship crash lands right by where he's hiding. And he saves a person who eventually becomes his best friend because Alex is taken prisoner sort of. But his best friend has a secret of there own. I think you should read this book because its action packed. Also its a cliff hanger therefore it encourages you to read and its just a all around good book.
This story is about a boy named Evan and a girl named Jessie who start a lemonade stand. The business was going smoothly until one starts getting more money than the other so then they start a war a lemonade war. You should read this book for these reasons its really deep and funny.
Its a book that is a amazing book. If you have a chance to read this book u will be amazed
The Lightning Theif
By: Jakob Wille
Auother Rick Riordon

world war 1 ten true tales.
I think you should read Spirit Animals book one because it has action and it has a lot of animals
Gary Wiedenbeck
by: Brandon Mull
book review by: Gary Wiedenbeck
by: Allan zullo
Spirit Animals Book 1 is about these four kids that had just got there Spirit animal. a hawk a panda a coyote and a tiger set out to destroy a evil from the past that is coming back to take over
you will like the book !
Suzanne Weyn is the author of the Haunted museum books and some other books.
Suzanne Weyn is the author of the Haunted museum books and some other books.
I think you should read ths book because once you start reading the book it's like your watching it like it's right in front of your face so you can just imagine the whole thing but might not want to read it because it gets cunfusing once in awhile but then it makes sence right after the part that is confusing hopefully you read this book and thanks for reading this.
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