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Color Me Rad

No description

Lauren Wildfang

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Color Me Rad

5K Run
Staying Active
Charity: Hamilton Conservation Foundation
McMaster University Students
International - a whopping 10 Countries Participate
110 races in 2014
Color Me Rad
Age: 15 to 45
Class: Middle to High
Consumer Characteristics:
Thrill Seekers
Love Being Outdoors
Loves Nature
Staying up to date on local charities
Use Social Media
Target Market
That we are excited about our organization
Passionate about the outdoors
Passionate about the charities involved
Passionate about letting the consumer have a one in a lifetime opportunity
Passionate about letting loose and having fun
The consumer is number ONE

What we Want the Consumer to Think
We have a huge passion for Color me Rad because...
Very Fun Experience
Allows Participants to let loose
Get to Run or Walk
Active Lifestyles
Love Outdoors and Nature
Supports Charities
Why We have a Passion For it
Color Me Rad

Lauren Wildfang & Mikayla Mulhall
Money Promotions:
Get it Cheap
Early Bird
Why It's Important to Us...
Great way to give consumers deals off activities they want to do

Money Promotions:
1 Extra chance to get a cheaper price
Appealing deal when you register more people
Good way for people to be proactive in registering

What YOU get Promotions:
FREE stuff is always attractive to the consumer
Souvenirs of the exciting day
Getting your very first COLOR BOMB
Start Line
5 Color Bomb Stations
2 Water Stations
Finish Line

What YOU get Promotions:
Rad T-Shirt
RAD Tattoo
3 Color Bombs
Zumba Warmup
Color Blast Facial
All Out Color Bombing
Family of Four
Get it Cheap
Early Bird
Christie Lake Conservation Area
1000 Hwy 5 W
Dundas, Ontario
1. Profile
Economic Level: Middle – Upper class
Psychological Make up: Thrill seekers, nature lovers, healthy, active, outgoing, thinks about others/wants to help others
Age: 15-45
Sex: Male/Female
Income Level: $2 000+
Habits: participating in sports, keeping active,
Work: Part/Full time job (minimum wage jobs), business owners
Shop: Online

2. Location:
International/ Across North America
Hamilton, Ontario - home value of $300 000

3. Market Size:
13.51 million people

4. Competition
Other Color Me Rad runs in other cities
Toronto Slime Run
- To raise money for Chronic Lyme symptoms and to bring patients back to healthy living
- LymeSAVERS organization
- Purchase a $20 tee
- $10 parking fee

5. Other Factors
Whether it is rain or shine the race will continue, but for any reason the race is postponed the runner will be notified ASAP

Consumer Profile
Consumer Profile
Consumer Profile
How we will Communicate with YOU
What Works Best
1. Email
2. Twitter
3. Instagram
1. Email
Monthly Pre-registration
Weekly once Registered
Updates on Cool News
Information for Up-Coming Races
Cool Contests and Give aways

2. Twitter
Updates on Exciting Facts
Cool Facts about the races
Information about Registering
Funny Moments of Past Races
Countdown Pictures
Informational Pictures
4. Flyers
Dates and Times
Registration Dates
How you can Register
What the Race involves
A brief explanation of what the race is about

What Works Best
What Works Best
What Works Best
Lowest as possible as there is no heavy costs related

What we pay for...
Color Packets
All the Gear
Swot Analysis
One of a kind Colors
Gives Free Merchandise
Has Promotions
Available for any Gender/Age
Good Cause

Spring/Summer Months
Expensive for Bigger Families
Not in certain places

Washable colors/paints
Host Mud Runs
Different Mediums
Host longer and shorter runs

Cost of different Mediums
Other Runs
Full transcript