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No description

Fabio Nagy

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of CRM

Foundation Drive Customer loyalty Customer loyalty Fruits Core Customer Relationship Management less fluctuation
less costs
good word of mouth advertising
long-term economic sucess Collaborative CRM comprehensive integration
of all areas
internal and external Focus on : increased
competetion increased
requirements shorter
product life cycle Background interchangeable
products Market
transparency mature
markets difficulties
customer management convenience time scarcity Background demographic
and ethnic
changes Value
consciousness decreased
loyality integrated strategic approach customer needs as priority create and maintain long-term customer relationships promote customer loyalty Interaction
barriers to switching
companies operational CRM: analytical CRM: Online CRM Mobile CRM collecting and evaluation of data
--> Datawarehouse
--> Datamining
--> OLAP direct customer contact
exploitation of new customers
--> new Data
care for old relationships
--> data from analytic CRM suitable to any territory
interactive access
In-House CRM and
CRM on demand smaller Version
supports informational and communicative integration
by Web or App communicative CRM Multi-Channel-Management
personal and unpersonal communication channels
Customer Interaction Center Customer satisfaction Customer retention Re-buying Cross-Selling Recommendation Increase in profit Sales volume Price Costs Economic success LOYALTY Instruments: loyalty cards
customer magazines
electronic newsletters
frequent flyer programs industrial sector Customer classification
ABC-Analysis A-Customer C-Customer B-Customer cooperation in research
and development
Bonus programs
stand duties
Key-Account-Manager discounts
individual schoolings
frequent consulting
service offers minimum service level
complaint management Miles an More since 1993 Ikea FAMILY Card since 1997 loyalty card system since 2000
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