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No description

Nancy Quezada

on 4 May 2017

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Transcript of Ifuego

The Idenity of the People of Ifugao
The primary concern of the Ifugao Archaeological Project (IAP) is to unpack and flesh out the impacts that Spanish colonialism had on “un-hispanized” groups i.e., the Cordillerans
Rice Terrances
The rice terraces are crucial to deconstructing the misunderstandings about the Ifugao.
Scope of the Research
By: Nancy Quezada
the Cordillerans being the igorots (mountain-people)
to redirect the understanding towards a better understanding of who the Ifugao really are, the IAP uses archaeological findings to date the rice terraces.
Thank you
The scope of this research is defined by the amount of research Acabado has done in re-dating the Ifugao rice terraces to defend the cordillerans.

How the rice terrance actually gave the cordillerans a very vauble asset making them fortunate.
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