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Planetary Neighbor

No description

J Noone

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Planetary Neighbor

Are There More Planets Orbiting Other Stars? Who? Who? Astronomer Stephane Udry and his team discovered a new exoplanet. What? Astronomers found a rocky, Earth-sized planet orbiting Alpha Centuari B (our closest stellar neighbor)

4.4 light-years away

Temperature on planet is 1200 degrees celcius (too hot for life) Where? Discovery was made using a 3.6 meter telescope on a mountaintop in Chile. Why it's Important Might mean there are more planets orbiting the same star.

If there are more planets farther away from the star, they would be cooler (maybe more like Earth!) When? Discovery was made in
October 2012. Astronomers are always looking for new planets.

In October, found a rocky Earth-sized planet orbiting star closest to us.

Scientists know there are planets everywhere - always trying to discover how big, how far from their stars they are. How? Reflect Questions I chose this article because I am interested in astronomy. I think that finding a new planet is exciting because maybe it’s part of a solar system like ours. Finding the planet was important because it means there could be more planets orbiting the same star. If there are more planets farther away from the star, they could be cooler and more like Earth. I wonder if astronomers will find another planet orbiting the same star? Will they be earth-like? Could they have living things? Next time I look through my own telescope I will be sure to look for new planets!!! Vocabulary Words Exoplanet a planet outside our solar system The curved path of an object around a star Orbit The distance traveled by light in one year, nearly 6 trillion miles. Light-year Ornes, Stephen. "New Planetary Neighbor." Science News for Kids. Society for Science and the Public, 2012. Web. 11/26/12 Bibliography photos: Miserez, Marc-André. “Bringing ET out of the realm of sci-fi.” Swissinfo. Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, 2010. Web. 12/13/12.

Cain, Fraser. “Distance to Alpha Centauri.” Universe Today. Word Press, 2009. Web. 12-13-12.

ESO/Enjoy Space, “On the habitable zone frontier.” Enjoy Space. Cité de l'espace, 2011. Web. 12-13-12
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