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24 Facts About Pegasus

No description

Caitlyn Scharf

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of 24 Facts About Pegasus

By Caitlyn S.
24 Facts About Pegasus
The legend was created in Ancient Greece of a winged horse.
Fact 1
His wings are his identifying symbol.
Fact 2
Pegasus was born from the blood of Medusa.
Fact 3
Pegasus kicked mountain Helicon to stop it from growing bigger.
Fact 4
Fact 5
When Pegasus kicked the mountain it created a spring called Hippocrene Corinth.
Fact 6
Sometimes spelled ‘Pegasos’ which may mean it’s name has non-Greek origins indicated by the ‘-os’ ending, which is pre-Greek.
Fact 7
Pegasus is sometimes called ‘The Thundering Horse of Jove’.
Fact 8
The Thundering Horse of Jove is another name for Zeus.
Fact 9
Pegasus is thought to carry Zeus’ thunderbolts through the sky.
Fact 10
Pegasus is the best-known winged horse in mythology.
Fact 11
The image of the flying horse is well-known in the United States.
Fact 12
Pegasus is a logo for Mobil Oil, which is now ExxonMobil.
Fact 13
Pegasus was the result of the ill fated mating of Medusa and Poseidon.
Fact 14
Pegasus was tamed by Bellerophon.
Fact 15
When Bellerophon attempted to fly Pegasus to Mount Olympus he was dismounted by Zeus.
Fact 16
Pegasus continued on and made it to Mount Olympus.
Fact 17

Pegasus was represented as a goodhearted, gentle creature, somewhat naive but always eager to help.
Fact 18
For service and loyalty, Zeus honored him with a immortality turning Pegasus into a constellation for the rest of his life.
Fact 19
Pegasus is the largest constellation.
Fact 20
Pegasus constellation lies in the northern hemisphere.
Fact 21
There is a hotel called JamaicaPegasus.
Fact 22
Pegasus is one of the best known creatures in mythology.
Fact 23
Pegasus is pure white in colour.
Fact 24
Pegasus is a boy.
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