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WW2 Aviation Timeline

No description

Evan Deatherage

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of WW2 Aviation Timeline

WW2 Aviation
Timeline Poland 1939 France 1940 English Channel 1940 Africa 1941 - 1943 Germany first invades Poland to occupy sea and take back their former land. Germany's Air force over matched Poland's and made them look like they were flying Popsicle sticks with wheels and wings. Germany's second strike came upon France were again German forces used Blitzkrieg (Lightning War)
to take france through the air by quick bombing The Germans then tried to invade Britain by constant bombing raids preformed by the Stuka by crossing through the English Channel. Italy and Germany wanted to take North Africa from the British so they would weaken opposition and have an entrance into Spain. Many advancements in Anti-Air guns were made. Balkans 1941 The Nazi's then took their arial raids into Croatia, Serbia and Greece. To continue their Eastern Eropean takeover, Russia 1942 -1943 Germany's first big mistake was invading Russia. Doing this it made supplies scarce, and the Russian winter took a heavy toll on German Forces. They Never were able to grab control of Russia. Normandy 1944 On June 6th 1944 (D-day) was the first time Allied forces led an attack on Germany. A small strip of beach was invaded and bombed ferociously by both sides of the war. First use of US planes. Berlin 1945 The final battle of Germany was between the Nazis the Soviet Union and United States. Berlin was bombed and siege for days on end by the two. This eventually led to Germany's surrender and Hitler's suicide.
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