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No description

Jordyn MacDonald

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Necrophilia

Jordyn MacDonald
What is Necrophilia?
Necrophilia is where a person is sexually attracted to corpses
Types of Necrophilia
1. Genuine Necrophilia:
- Necrophiliac Homicide- Killing a person and then having sex with them post mortem.
- "Regular" Necrophilia- Having sex with corpses which are already dead.
- Necrophiliac Fantasy- Having fantasies about having sexual interactions with corpses.
2. Pseudo-Necrophilia:
- Being attracted to corpses but corpses aren't their main sexual attraction. Did not plan on having sex with a corpse.
-Sexual attraction to corpses
-Abnormal amount of time thinking about corpses or having sex with corpses
-Reccuring sexual fantasies with corpses
-Reccuring sexual urges involving corpses
-Sexual interests in corpses
-Sexual preferance for having sex with a corpse
Sex: Number: Male: Female:
Necrophiles 53 49 - 92% 4 – 8%
-Homicide 14 14 – 100% 0 – 0%
-Regular 20 17 – 85% 3 – 15%
-Fantasizers 15 14 – 93% 1 – 7%
Killiers 33 33 – 100% 0 – 0%
Total: 115 109 – 95% 6 – 5%

Age: Number: Average Age: Range:
Necrophiles: 36 34 17-59
-Homicide 11 33 22-47
-Regular 13 33 17-54
-Fantasizers 10 31 19-48
Killers 22 29 16-52
Total: 68 34 16-65

Homicide: Number of Cases: Percentage:

Necrophiles 14/50 28%
*Killed for necrophilia*
Necrophiliacs 0/33 0%
*Necrophilia was not main reason for homicide*

Motive: Number: Percentage:
-Possess unresisting and 23 68%
unrejecting partner
-Reunion with romantic partner 7 21%
-Attraction to corpses 5 15%
-Overcome feelings of isolation 5 15%
-Gain self-esteem by
expression of power 4 12%
Behavioral Perspective
To help a necrophiliac control their urges. The patient would be taught to become stimulated by fantasies which are appealing to them and then right before orgasm they think of a fantasy more acceptable to society. Which slowly teaches the necrophiliac to become stimulated by more socially accepted fantasies.
Cognitive Perspective
The cognitive perspective uses the same treatment as used in the behavioral perspective. After several treatments, depending on each patient for time, the necrophiliacs brain starts to adjust to the more socially accepted fantasies instead of necrophilia.
Psychodynamic Perspective
There may be traumatic events in the subconscious which may cause the necrophiliac to have urges. One way to reach these thoughts can be through hypnosis.
Biological Perspective
To receive treatment for necrophilia from a biological standpoint would be some medication. The medications the necrophiliac could take would be those which would reduce their sex drive.
Sociocultural Perspective
It is believed that many people with paraphilias lack social skills. For the patients to be able to interact appropriately with people in their society, the patients can work with individuals, groups, and therapists to improve these skills. Some activities would include developing intimacy, carrying on casual conversations, and basic sex education.
Famous Necrophiliacs
King Herod:
Jewish king who killed his wife and then continued to have sex with her seven years after her death.
French King during the medieval times and conquered most of Western Europe.
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