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A Visit to Grandmother

An english project that took forever.

Joel Gonzalez

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of A Visit to Grandmother

Nathan Negron, Nicholas Rodriguez, Brandon Palacios, Joel Gonzalez, Shannon Taliaferro, Eric Micheli Dr. Charles
Aunt Rose Characters A Visit to Grandmother Chig's Father (D)
GL's Brother (D) Dr. Charles Dr. Charles is the father of Chig and brother of GL. He one day decides to go back home and brings his son. Tension rises and Dr.charles becomes nervous (I) as they enter the house and the question that is asked by Dr. Charles to his mom "Why did you love GL more than me?". He is later explained to by his mother that she loved them equally and that she would never love one more than the other. He then strengthens the bond between him and his mother. (I) Surgeon, loves to make people happy (D) Son of Dr. Charles (D) Chig 17 years-old (D) GL's nephew (I) Chig is Dr. Charles son who wants to become a lawyer (D). Although very studious and smart he has very little friends(I). He goes with his father to his grandmother's house. While there he is told to be very honest like his father. He later learns the reason why when asked his father never talked about his parents, he only talked about his brother. Old (I) Grandmother Mother of GL and Charles (D) The mother of GL and Charles. She told stories of GL and Charles' past. She pushed Charles more in his childhood because she knew that he could achieve much more than GL (D). Rose GL's wife (D) Rose is the wife of GL. She is the aunt of Chig (I), and sister in law to Charles. Lives with Grandmother (I). She is a well mannered woman. (I) Con-man (D) GL Joker (D) Don Juan (D) Son of Grandmother (D), brother of Charles (D). He is considered a problem child. At times he would disappear and not come back for while. He was not worked as hard as Charles by their mother. This is a story about a man named Dr. Charles and his son Chig. They decide to go to Dr. Charles' High school reunion. It turned out that the reunion was a cover to go to Dr. Charles mother's house. While there Dr. Charles meets his sister in law and his mother. They start talking about Dr. Charles and his brother GL's past. Conflict happens when Dr. Charles ask his mother why she loved Gl more than him. She later explains the she pushed Charles more because she knew that he could achieve more. Story Summary Theme: The theme is that everything is not as it seems, also that family is one the most important things in life.
Symbolism: Is Grandmother's house because it symbolizes Dr. Charles rough childhood.
Foreshadowing: When Dr. Charles kissed his mom and grimaced.
Irony: When Grandmother beats Dr. Charles the good kid, instead of the troublesome son, GL.
Climax: The climax is when Dr. Charles gets mad at his mother after she is done telling the story.
Resolution: The resolution is when GL comes back. Plot Summary Exposition Protagonist: Dr. Charles
Antagonist: GL, and Grandma
Setting - Time: In the 1940's
Setting - Place: In Nashville, Tn. ( grandmother's house)
Chicago (mama and probably Charles used to live here)
New York (Charles and the family: his wife, Chig, and his two sons and daughter live here)
Internal Conflict: Dr. Charles going to his childhood home.
External Conflict: Dr. Charles VS. his mom and GL. Figurative Language "Your daddy ate like two men." pg. 71, They are comparing daddy to two men. (simile)

"That man say he is buggy and saddle broke and as sweet as the inside of an apple." pg. 73, They are comparing buggy and saddle to as sweet as an apple. (simile)

"Doctor Charles eye's showed fear, hatred, sadness, and uncertainty." pg. 69, His eye's cannot show fear, hatred, sadness, and uncertainty. (personification)
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