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BIM Kickoff Presentation

Brent Ross

on 3 November 2012

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Transcript of SATCT BIM Kickoff

SATCT TEAM Doug Blanchard Kristen Armstrong-Matz Charles Braucher Horeya Czaplewski Brent Ross Fazal Mahmood Arkady Sandler Bob Thompson Jose Cervantes Craig Mertes Zach Neill TBD TBD - Millhouse TBD - Millhouse Keith Mueller Stephanie Coad Julia Maschek Matt Ahlstrand Hirak Patel Analysis - Steve Citko? Tom Hoepf Casey Johnson STRUCT MECH ELEC ARCH P/FP CTE CIVIL SKETCHUP TRANE TRACE FAST TRACK CONSTRUCTION COST ESTIMATION COORDINATION SCHEDULING DESIGN exp Revit/BIM Best Practices 1. Be Kind Rewind Return to "Home View" and "Close Hidden Windows" when Syncing with Central at the end of the day. 2. Avoid Linking in CAD Drawings And for the love of all things parametric, DO NOT IMPORT DRAWINGS. 3. Open from Revit & create a new
local file DAILY. DO NOT DOUBLE CLICK! Please open from the Central file and leave "Create New Local" checked.
Also, please make sure your user file location is on your C:\ Drive. 4. Synchronize every hour. Would you rather lose a days worth of work, or an hours worth? 5. Avoid Editing Requests. Remember the kid that used to poke you over and over to get your attention? Don't be that guy. 6. DO NOT "temporarily" hide,
patch, draft or otherwise
misrepresent what is modeled
on your sheets or working
drawings. You will forget! See MVCC IJTC parapet addition. Revit Model Managers ARCH
ELEC the few, the proud, the Revitines Brent Ross
Julia Maschek / Steph Coad
Jose Cervantes
Zach Neill
Jose Cervantes
Derek Runge Responsibilities Implementation of the modeling strategy and CAD standards
Manage / Audit Worksets
Manage Linking of external files
Coordinate changes with other Model Managers
Validating the level of detail and controls as defined for each project phase
Participate in design review and model coordination sessions
Communicating issues back to internal and cross-company teams
Properly storing discipline models in the collaborative project management system
Review and fix critical warnings
Support Level 2 issues from team members
Manage view templates / view filters Weekly Schedule MONDAY
FRIDAY Business as usual
Export / Audit Day
Coordination Day
Drafting Day
Deadline Day Export / Audit Day - Tuesday Model Managers are required to do the following:
Review / Resolve Warnings
Audit Worksets
Delete Unnamed / Uncategorized Views
Compact Central File
Export DWG/PDF/NWC at the end of the day Coordination Day - Wednesday BIM Coordination Meeting
All worksets on for all discplines
Report major design/coordination issues to discipline leads or as I like to call them, Revit Holidays... celebrate every week! Drafting Day - Thursday Focus on your drawing sheets. BIM Coordination Meetings Navisworks calling... Review of BIM Goals
Review of Workset Strategy
Review of Level of Detail (LOD)
Review of Best Practices/Model Maintenance
Reverse Clash Visual Report
Clash Report
A clash report generated after 10%
Technical Issues
Workflow Issues
Green Hat Thinking ...for Revit exempt folk We need your feedback! Regular export to PDF/DWG/DWF
(Optional DWF Review Workflow)
3d Exports
Shedule Exports
Visual Plans
What else!? Client Goals Cab - As detailed as possible
The Rest - Not necessary SATCT Contract Short ribs shankle beef, biltong prosciutto pig short loin pastrami spare ribs sausage andouille ham hock flank. T-bone frankfurter meatball shankle. exp Goals Implement a BIM Execution Plan
Develop a standard BIM Coordination Meeting
Incorporate and evaluate new Best Practices BIM Execution Plan Develop an strategy to assess, implement, and achieve a clients building information modeling goals.

to manage client expectations
to avoid wasting time on irrelevent, inconsequential, or unnessary modeling
to discover new information to model and to find out their values for our clients

Penn State University BIM Execution Planning Guide 2.0

Step 1: Goals Coordinate System Center of the Cab is 0,0 for building disciplines
Center of the Cab for Civil Engineering:
N: 1928996.03058
E: 1097816.95631

Importing AutoCAD files should work Origin to Origin
Revit exports should be Xref'd at 0,0

Shared Coordinates:
Proper coordinates have been coordinated in the 13455-01-SATCT-Arch.rvt file.
"Acquire Coordinates" from this file Workset Strategy New to TENG/exp!

All linked Revit files will be on its own Workset , i.e. Link-Arch
All disciplines are to have a "Tower" workset, and a "Base Building" Workset
Add your discipline letter before your workset "A-Tower", "S-Tower", "M-Tower", etc.
Control Cab workset may be added later on
Not In Contract Workset - "A-NIC"

Easy Visibiliy Controls
Performance, Performance, Performance Level of Detail (LOD) File Locations Building Information Modeling (BIM) ...is the process of generating and managing building data during its life cycle. BIM involves representing a design as objects... that carry geometry, relations and attributes... Typically it uses three-dimensional, real-time, dynamic building modeling software to increase productivity in building design and construction. (Wikipedia) capturing F:\Doc_exp\CHI-00013455-01\REVIT Exp_11:\CHI\00013455-01\ BIM Deliverables 2011-12-19 - Model for AFTIL
-was actually sent out 12.13.2011

2011-12-23 - 10% Model
- not a required deliverable

2011-03-15 - 35% Model
- not a required deliverable Revit Responsibility Matrix Arch Struct Mech Elec CTE Copy/Monitor Matrix What Leader Followers Rooms ***
Light Fixtures*** Grids ***
Levels ****
Structural Walls
Structural Framing
Structural Floors Mechanical Equipment***
Air Terminals Electrical Equipment
Electrical Fixtures Electrical Equipment (TCOM)
Conduit (TCOM)
Conduit Fittings (TCOM)
Cable Tray Fittings
Cable Trays Grids
Light Fixtures
Mechanical Equipment Struct
Mech Arch, Mech, Elec, CTE
Arch, Mech, Elec, CTE

Elec P/FP Piping Modeling for the CM Approved Uses:
3D Coordination
Cost Estimation
4D Modeling
3D Control and Planning The FAA/OMP may acquire a CM with a BIM capacity/specialty 3rd Party, not under our contract with access to our model. (Who may or may not know more than us.) Familiar / Unfamiliar Territory (Q5 w/ Crate & Barrel)
http://bimx.blogspot.com/ Export Protocols Allow for easier browsing/hiding by setting the "VIEW TYPE" paramaeter to "EXPORT"

CH-OH6135-100-510-<TENG Model File>

Make sure you have "acquired coordinates" from 13455-SATCT-Arch.rvt
(See Coordinates section.)

Make custom "Export Setup"
Make sure that "Coordinate system basis" is set to "Shared" (Units & Coordinates Tab)
Map "Arial Narrow" font to RomanS (Text & Fonts Tab)

Make custom export "Set"
Include all DWGs intended to export
Name "Export to DWG Backgrounds" or something obvious (Manage Tab > Project Location Panel > Coordinates > Acquire Coordinates) Export to DWG: Coordinates: View Naming: View Type: Export end of day Tuesday

Brent Ross/Matt Ahlstrand will convert to DGN Wednesday for Microstation team members Print Setups Revit/CAD Standards 1/8" Arial Narrow in Revit
1/8" RomanS in Microstation Font Type: Level 12 and above: Modeling down to 1/2" conduit
Level 11 and below: Modeling to 2" conduit Leader Type: 20° Filled Arrow Standard Symbols & Tags: Families for Tags & Symbols Located in the "Project Families\Annotation" folder
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