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Technology in Elementary Music

No description

Bradley Foust

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Technology in Elementary Music

Technology 21st Century Learner Student Engagement District/State Mandates STUDENT TEACHER ASSESSMENT Why technology is not more widely used in the classroom:

1. Cost
2. Knowledge
3. Ease of use 1. Free
2. Readily Available
3. Easy to Use Dexter Elementary School
Cordova, TN Multitrack Recording Software:

- Protools
-Garageband Ways to Capture Video:

- Web Cam
- Cell Phone
- Digital Camera
- Digital Video Camera
(ex.- Flip) Video Editing:

-Videospin (free download)
Free Alternative to Garageband:

Audacity Many more digital recording
alternatives (and other useful software) at:

Shareware Music Machine Video/Computer Screen recording/editing

Camstudio (free download) Technology For:



WEB 2.0

- Hunderes of FREE Apps

- Prezi

-Available for PC or MAC Online Polls

- Assessment
-Gauge Teaching Effectiveness
-Easy to Use
-Results are Automatically Calcuated

- Micropoll


Both sites are FREE and easy to use! Forming a PLC:

-What is a PLC?
-Why Would I Want to Participate?
How Do I Start? A PLC is a Professional Learning Community. A PLC serves to offer support, advice and resources for teachers at grade level, buliding level, across the country OR around the globe. The state of modern technology allows groups to come together and share ideas, resources and offer support, no matter where their geographic location. Twitter Twitter can be used to communicate with music educators from around the globe!

#musedchat Wikispaces

-What are they?
-How are they used?
-How would using or creating a wikispace benefit ME?
http://www.techmused.wikispaces.com Interested in forming a PLC for Music Teachers in TN?

Bradley Foust
Art/Music Grant Facilitator
Shelby County Schools

901-321-2607 (office)
bfoust@scsk12.org (work)
foustmusic@aol.com (home)
Twiter: @foustmusic
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