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1900 to Present

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John Psillas Psillas

on 3 April 2017

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Transcript of 1900 to Present

1900 to Present

John Psillas and Clayton Tinsley

AP World History

The WWII Era
Environment/Demogrpahic - The first World War proved to be very costly and much of the world was struggling during a time known as the Great Depression. On top of this worldwide financial struggle, countries' populations decreased thanks to large number of casualties in World War I.

Political: After the the first War, different leaders came to power and with them brought different ways of running their nation. Russia, a very large power during the time under Stalin, was run in the name of communism but was actually a form totalitarianism. Other nations around the world such as the U.S. and different European countries had a captitalist government which then collapsed because of the Great Depression. Italy on the other hand was the first nation to have a fascist government under Benito Mussolini. This form of government later inspired Adolf Hitler of Germany and helped the country achieve extreme nationalism from their once divided country.

Economic: The worldwide economy was at its most unstable state it had ever been in a very long time, otherwise known as the Great Depression. This financial decline occured for many reasons, the most well known being the stock market crash of 1929. American banks immediately stopped extending credit and and affected Europe which eventually began to run out of money. Unemployment rates rose at a staggering rate around the world and these problem were not made any better with the importance of the War lingering over the heads of nations worldwide.

Social: Social problems plagued the time around World War II, the most notable being the rise of the Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust pertaining to the genocide of Jews and Slavs surrounding Nazi Germany. Women in many countries around the world worked outside the home, during the war and after the war, raising money support themselves or their families. After the war, many women gained jobs, and sought higher education, and began to broaden their horizons.

Technology: Many new technological advancements were made during the World War II Era, most being related to combat. One of the most important was the discovery of Penicillin, an antibiotic used in the war to heal wounded soldiers. Other notable inventions were the air pressurized cabin in aircrafts, radars, and even synthetic rubber.

Era of WWI
Environment/Demographic - European powers have colonizaed much of the world. These nations were becomingly increasingly industrialized and the population of cities and nations around the world were rapidly growing.

Political - During the war, different nations began to make several major alliances. Some of these include the Triple Alliance made between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. Other countries such as the U.S. kept to themselves and maintained a state of isolationism although they did end up joining the war later on. Another large power during this time, Russia, were lead by a Marxist leader and soon became the Soviet Union with other Baltic nations.

Economic - War greatly affected the world economies and national allies were neccessary for many struggling countries. Large industrial cities were creating vast amounts of munitions and agricultural centers boosted productions all to provide for their nation's troops.

Social - Throughout the war, citizens of different nations across the world lived in despair and hoped for a better life after the fighting. As a result of different internal and external complications in some countries, uprisings and revoltions such as the Russian Revoltution occured. Women during this time were left behind while the majority of the male population went to war.

Technology - During the World War I, the Industrial Revolution spread across the world as played a major role in the outcome of the Great War. Some advances created for the war included the introdution of tanks, poison gas, hydrophones, and aircraft carriers. Perhaps the most well known weapon introduced during the War was the machine gun.

Clayton's was supposed to finish the rest of the slides but finished with Ryan Gotshall. My part of the project was the editing and the first two time periods while his was the last 3.
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