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Internship Presentation: Lutheran Hospital

This is a presentations about my internship from October 2012

Junior Caizaguano

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Internship Presentation: Lutheran Hospital

My Internship Lutheran Medical Center At Lutheran
Medical Center What goes on in
my internship Interviews Interview 1 Interview 2 Internship I work with others to help and serving the people who are in need of Sunset Park. I aid, assist and escort the visitors and
patients of Lutheran. I also deliver and pick up any patients or required materials. My internship takes place in this hospital which has been in the community since 1883. Lutheran began with only nine beds available for patients but became into an ideal hospital that consists of many intelligent, skilled, and empathetic nurses, doctors, and volunteers. History By Junior Caizaguano Name: Al
Job: Medical Supplier Name: Olfat Ibrhim
Job: Registered Nurse I am a volunteer at Lutheran He has worked there for 21 years. They were hiring people near that residence at that time. The highest education he finished was high school. There were a lot of programs around that time to study while going to college. He lives in Sunset Park, Kings County. His neighborhood consists of hispanic and chinese people. He gets to work by MTA (Bus or Train) in an hour or by driving about 20 minutes. His advice for anyone interested in becoming a medical supplier: To try to get as much experience as possible about medical terms and have some prior medical knowledge. The more knowledge and experience, the more opportunities. She had always wanted to be a nurse. She got very inspired by the nurses who had tried to help her son who ended up dieing. She has her Associates Degree and is working on getting her Bachelors Degree in the College of Staten Island. She has been working as a registered nurse in Lutheran for about 5 years. She is a mother of 4, goes to school and works in the hospital. Her responsibilities are to assist patients, notify doctors, give medicine, and to make sure patients are okay. She lives around Bay Ridge and drives to work in about 10 minutes. Some advice she has for anyone who is interested in becoming a registered nurse is to work for it if you really like the feeling of helping people out. Also to be dedicated in your studies and to not let your personal life interfere with your professional life. Timeline This is my internship My thoughts before What I see from it What did i think about my internship before I started? I thought that this intern was going to be overwhelming and be stressful because I would have to be patient with the patients. I thought that the patients would have no respect towards the workers and do what they please. I see that there are different skills needed in order to be good at the job. A person needs to be able to have empathy for others, be able to take initiative to help others, and learning to say no when you must. LMC Timeline 1883 2013 1984 Lutheran Medical Center
was founded by Elizabeth Fedde At this time, the hospital had only few rooms. The hospital has 468 beds for patients, doctors who are skilled and can do surgery, and volunteers from its own community helping it grow The Community Care Organization
was created
This program was a non-profit program which intended provide help. This Organization helped the
handicapped and disabled get
the help that they need Lutheran Medical Center has become a main hospital and has grown exponentially. As for income and
where to live... It all depends with how much experience and how long you have studied for and how you decide to live. Most doctors make copious amount of money but decide to live in a low income community or vice versa. 2600 BC Imhotep found treatments to diseases 500 BC Alcmaeon found out veins from arteries 1595 Zacharias invented one of the first micoscopes 1846 William Morton was the first to discover the use of anesthesia from nitrous oxide 1887 The first type of
contact lenses
were invented 1978 First test tube baby is born. In other words, In-Vitro Fertilization procedure was discovered
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