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Innovation On Demand

No description

Michael Marcus

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Innovation On Demand

On Demand Help supermarkets by driving more traffic through the incentive of easy savings.

Inform and educate consumers of
the e-coupon program. Learn how to instantly and easily upload coupons from your
computer onto your PriceChopper AdvantEdge card. Carry up
to 99 coupons with you on your card the next time you
go shopping and save!

You'll see a step-by-step tutorial and learn how easy it is to
save without the hassle of cutting and carrying coupons with
you in store. Welcome to PriceChopper's AdvantEdge e-coupons Harris Teeter's e-VIC coupons Browse your favorite supermarkets and explore how to instantly find and redeem coupons and rewards.

Keep current with the programs and savings your local grocery stores are using so you can save the next time you shop! Save Today! 2000 2012 2005 2002 Welcome to Innovation On Demand Innovations and new technology in various industries have opened up opportunities with our On Demand product.

TWCM can drive viewers with compelling overlays and call-to-actions to stay current with their favorite companies' programs, promotions and tools by viewing long-form content on On Demand. Examples... Improve the use and effectiveness of On Demand & increase client $$$ spend Lowes Foods Fresh Rewards Digital coupons (GROCERY) (Retail) Learn how you can shop, pay, save,
and earn all using your cell phone.

Learn what programs, devises and apps exist, which ones your favorite companies are using, the rights for you and how to use them. Break It Down! Reload your Starbucks Card, track your Stars in the My Starbucks Rewards program and scan your barcode on your iPhone at the register. Locate the closest store and explore the unique characteristics of each of our whole bean coffees and find nutrition information.

You'll see a step-by-step tutorial and learn how easy it is to
download the application to your mobile device, register cash and earn rewards to your account. Starbucks Card Mobile Collaborate with technology and retail giants to help promote their brand and news products.

Educate and simplify the adoption process for consumers. Diversify the offerings and usage of On Demand while creating partnerships. According to CNN Money, "In a year or two, NFC technology will be more widespread. Isis [a new mobile commerce network] will be closer to launching. The battle lines will harden.

But for the moment, it's anyone's game.

'There's no cut and dry 'this is how to do it' approach,' says Nick Holland, a Yankee Group senior analyst. 'In the U.S., it's going to be the Wild West, since anyone can play in this space.'"

-http://cnnmon.ie/gPR3qz Chase Mobile The Google Wallet mobile app securely stores your credit cards and offers on your phone. When you check out at brick-and-mortar stores that accept Google Wallet, you can pay and redeem offers quickly just by tapping your phone at the point of sale.

Follow this simple tutorial to learn how and
where Google Wallet can work for you to
make paying fast, simple and safe all from
your mobile device. Google Wallet Mobile Perks
On Demand Ready to discover your music in a completely new way?
Shazam allows you to identify songs, find lyrics and music videos, get reviews, share it and even buy concert tickets.

Learn the best ways to get the application and take full advantage of its incredible and advanced offerings. Prepare yourself for a whole new music experience. Shazam Connected
On Demand (Retail) Help new technology brands in their adoption stage while boosting On Demand viewers.

Intrigue and teach consumers what new applications are available and how they could be relevant in their lives. Become a primary source for where consumers go to educate themselves. Quick Response Codes are black modules that when pictured and uploaded can direct you to websites, links, coupons and other fun stuff. Brands are posting QR codes everywhere from Out of Home Posters to magazine ads to TV commercials.

Learn which of your favorite companies are using QR codes, what they're using them for and how you can take advantage of this new technology.
We'll walk you through how to download
an application to recgonize the code, how
to grab a shot of it and how to access
its features! QR Codes Discover, explore and share more music, TV shows and brands you love. ACTV8 focuses on 3 initiatives: building and utilizing breakthrough multi-screens technology, creating the best interactive entertainment possible, and deploying into new verticals around the world.

Allow us to guide you through the process so
you can rediscover the newest way
to interact, socialize, consume & share
while watching televison. Actv8 No matter who or where you are, everyone knows cable. Leverage On Demand So what does it all mean? Instead of driving to the bank, you can deposit your check with your Chase Mobile App. Just snap a picture of the front and back of your endorsed check and send it using your Chase Mobile App.

We'll walk you through finding and downloading the app to getting your check endorsed and deposited. It's fast, secure and best of all - it's free for eligible Chase checking customers. According to a 2010 Comparison Study, despite the growth in online, Television is still by far the most effective media with a reach of 89.5% 89.5% Television
67.5% Internet Intro.

In today's media landscape, marketers have cluttered the airways so much so that the coolest, savviest and most productive types of technology have launched with slow and little adoption. Consumers are bombarded by different forms and types of advertising.

What if all of the newest and hottest products and innovations were all located at one simple location? Not only could you find the newest products that are relevant to you, but you could learn in 3 minutes exactly what it is, where it’s used and how to use it- from the comfort of your own couch?

Enter Innovation On Demand. Television is still relevant. Television can be the starting point for whatever technology consumers decide to use during the rest of their media day. Create unprecidented relationships with competitors and consumers and increase the value On Demand plays both externally and internally. (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Local Opportunities Health Care Food & Beverage Auto Government Retail Education New products, ingredients, menu options, recipes. New styles/apparel, pay programs, website tools. New sound systems, navigation, blue tooth and hands-free tools. New town facilities and parks. Educational tools, new programs, software, IT, classrooms. New facilities, tools, procedures, vaccines, medicines.
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