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Cheerleading Stereotype

No description

ashley hill

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of Cheerleading Stereotype

Cheerleading Stereotype

How it Affects Cheerleaders
Anyone in a team sport tries hard and pulls their own weight on the team. Cheerleaders work hard, and other people's negative comments don't help. Whether or not cheer is a sport, the rumors about people who participate in it always seem to hurt them. People assuming all girl cheerleaders are sluts and all boy cheerleaders are gay can really affect their lives. Incorrect accusations can cause people to quit what they love, or even end their life. This could even result in teen depression, because who wants to be called slutty or gay?
How to Stop the Stereotype
People believe what they see on TV, which would be girl cheerleaders acting dumb and slutty. They also assume that since cheerleading is a somewhat "girly" activity, that all male cheerleaders are gay. To stop these assumptions, people need to stop judging cheerleaders based on what they see on TV.
People expect Cheerleaders to be like the Movies
Boy Cheerleaders
Like girls, boys get a lot of crap for being cheerleaders. They are assumed to be feminine and gay, although most aren't. Because cheerleading is a primarily all-girl activity, boys who participate in it are assumed to be gay, and get bullied for it, which is #uncool.
Girl cheerleaders are assumed to be slutty and dumb, and boy cheerleaders are assumed to be feminine and gay.
Because of T.V., this is what People think Cheerleaders are Like
History of the Stereotype
Gay Teen and Captain of Cheer Squad Commits Suicide 2012
As The Sacramento Bee reported, 18-year-old Jeffrey Fehr hanged himself on New Year's Day in his home. Although Fehr had been openly gay since his sophomore year of high school and had been treated for depression after the end of a relationship, it says his parents, Pati and Steve, believe that the bullying for being gay and a cheerleader led to their son committing suicide.
Presentation By:
Cam Steilen

Ashley Hill

Kelsey McCrary
TV Stereotype
Have you ever watched a show or movie that shows a cheerleader as the popular, mean, slutty girl as school? Most people have. Movies like Bring It On portray cheerleaders as slutty and mean, and people have started thinking all cheerleaders are like that.
From Bring It On: All or Nothing
How Media Can Help
On TV and in movies, they can stop portraying cheerleaders as promiscuous and stupid, which would help real-life cheerleaders not have to fight their stereotype.
Urbana High School in Maryland has modest uniforms, unlike the ones seen on TV.
On the show "Glee", the cheerleader got preggo-my-eggo.
The Anti-Stereotype
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