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"The Lost Childhood" by Yehuda Nir

No description

Carolin Osmer

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of "The Lost Childhood" by Yehuda Nir

"The Lost Childhood" by Yehuda Nir
A World War II. memoir

- born 1930

- father killed for being jewish in 1941

- story of survival of him, his mum and his sister
Main characters
- protagonist -> his perspective

His mum
- changed a lot during the whole story

His sister
- very smart + pretty -> manipulative
"[...] is to convey young people that if you take charge of your life rather than passively observe it like a couch potato, you might help to create a world where forgiveness is possible"
- Yehuda Nir
- author tried to handle his own experiences with writing this book

- it's a true story

I can't reflect everything in the
same way
, but I'll give you a good impression
Connections to class
World War II. :
- Germany occupied parts of Poland

- against Russia, too

- about six million jews were killed

- defeated at Stalingrad
- fascinating in a terrible way

Pay attention to the title
At first I didn't pay attention to it, but after I read it I had to think about it again..
near Berlin
Larger Context
World War II.

- Perspective as a polish jew during the war
It can be easily mentioned in class:
by Carolin Osmer
Author Yehuda Nir
1939 - 1945
The original cover
Jews had to wear a star, so they could be recognized
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