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Hayley Grafton

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

05.06 It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times: Assessment
Step 1: Determine which events to highlight.

Your pamphlet or exhibit should include the following features of the French Revolution:

at least three causes, including the Enlightenment
at least three events during it, including the Reign of Terror
at least three effects from it, including the rise and rule of Napoleon
Review your Travel Journal and the lesson to identify what you think are the most important elements to include.

Step 2: Write a summary for each feature.

For each cause, event, and effect, write three to five sentences to explain what happened and why it is important. Use complete sentences and check your work for accuracy, spelling, and proper grammar.

The French Revolution
The Enlightenment almost solely generated the ideas of equality and liberty, which were also the basic necessities of the French Revolution. To find and have that state of equality enforced, it meant that the French had to try with all their might to target and overthrow the monarchy. It's where we can see the idea of "life, liberty and the persuit of happiness" in it's original form.
During a period of great concern and worry, an agrivated Parisian mob stormed a fortress prison, called Bastille, and liberated seven prisoners. A definitive symbol of triumph over tyranny was made of this prison falling. In the future, this day has been referred to as Bastille day. It marks the beginning of the French Revolution and is celebrated as one of the French national holidays.
The Fall of Bastille
The Execution of Louis XVI (as previously mentioned - by the guillotine) was a huge, huge event in the French Revolution. He was arrested and tried for the highest treason before the National Convention, and found guilty by an almost unanimous vote. He was sentenced to death, which was viewed by hundreds.
The Execution of Louis XVI
The American Revolution
The August Decrees were nineteen decrees made in August (shock!) 1789 by the National Constituent Assembly. These decrees were made to calm the citizens and to encourage them to become civilized. These decrees lay the road ahead for the Assembly to make the Declaration of the Rights of Man.
August Decrees
Napoleon Bonaparte started young as a French military political leader and made his way to power in the terminating stages of the French Revolution. He was responsible for a large collection of liberal reforms not just in France but across Europe, including the abolition of feudalism and the dispersion of religious toleration. He won almost all of his fights, battles and wars and gained control of much of Europe.
Rise and Rule of Napoleon
There were many crop failures in this period and thus these failures lead to less grain. Furthermore, this made the price of bread increase. Since peasants could only really eat bread, the rising prices of their only available nutrition led these peasants to starvation. Because these peasants were starving there was speak about that the starvation was a plot by the nobility.
The Reign of Terror was headed by the Committee of Public Safety (CPS). A device called the guillotine (which still exists in some countries) was used to punished anyone who spoke openly against the CPS. Once released, thousands of men, women and even a few children were decapitated by this device. Eventually monarchs, such as Louis XVI were even sentenced to death by the guillotine.
The Enlightenment
Mentioned in the last cause, the enlightenment had a major impact on the American Revolution. However what most neglect to realize, the American Revolution also impacted the French. Since many from France donated funds to support the American patriots, this eventually lead to the bankruptcy of the French. In accordance with this, the French king was forced to demand more taxes, which inevitably made the people extremely angry. However the success of the American Revolution did help the French finalise their revolution.
The Reign of Terror
The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen was the first writings of a French constitution, and was adopted in 1789 when the French Revolution was in its priliminary stages. The constitution abolished the feudal system and declared liberty, equality, and fraternity for the nation's citizens. Later, in 1793, the declaration was revised and implemented, it affirmed rights for all.
Declaration of the Rights of Man
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