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I Survived

No description

Jaci Howard

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of I Survived

I Survived
By: Jaelyn Allen

Just in case you didn't know!
The Titanic was a humungous luxurious Ship, made in Belfast,Ireland to go to New York across the Atlantic ocean.On the way the legendary ship known as Titanic hit a medium iceberg,and split in half and sank!Today many people study the Titanic and still wonder what really happend!
The Constructing
The Titanic took about 3 years to construct in all.There was also about
three thousand strong men that built the ship.The Royal Mail Shop Titanic had three million rivets, but sadly many people accuse that they are fake and that's why it sank!!
What I would do to save the Luxurious Legendary Titanic
If I were to save the Titanic by traveling back in time in 1912,I would warn the crew,captain,and passengers .I would do that by buying a 3rd class room.When I buy a third class room I would warn the Crew and security about the iceberg and show them a picture from it.THen i would proceed doing that untillI get through all the classes.
Overall Opinion About the Great Titanic
I think the Titanic Was a great goal to achieve, But sadly to be ruined a a iceberg!I belive that people should remake the Titanic and have more lifeboats!
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