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Snow Leopards

No description

bianca venter

on 20 March 2018

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Transcript of Snow Leopards

Snow Leopards
habitat of the snow leopards
snow leopards are located in twelve countries including china, russia, mongolia ect. Their located at elvations of 9,800 to 17,000 feet high where their well developed chests that are used to draw oxygen from thin air are used.
short fore limbs with size able paws, long hind limbs and a thick tail nearly a meter long, these helps them survive in the rugged moutians of their habitats.
snow leopards effected by climate change
as temperature rise from climate change snow leopards continue to climb up the moutians to high elevation to better suit them. the higher they get the herboviors they prey on become more limited supply this makes it harder for them to find food and raise young
what to do to help the snow leopard
using the correct climate needed for the snow leopard on a moutian, create a snow leopard reserve where herbiouvors that they prey on can be bread and huntefd by the snowleopards and keep it protected so the snow leopards can thrive and survive but (if they wish) leave the protected area
thing snow leopards need to survive

food :the prey the eat to survive and raise young
teeth: sharp teeth that help them defend and attack other snow leopards to defend their territory and tough, but also to feed.
fur :to keep them warm and help them blend to the habitat to stalk or attack prey.
natrual habitat: the cold temptures and snow light settings that hep them hunt and blend in.
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